What does mekita mekita mean and in what language is it?

In Beherit’s song Salomon’s Gate at 0:33 he says “mekita mekitaaaa”. What does that mean and in what language is this? https://youtu.be/DVfmaa8OjRo

Might be their god or their thoughtform
I didn’t find anything

Some artists use barbarous names and so Beherit himself knows what the fuck that means

Ok this is important
Have you done anything to that girl who got away with clean hands?

No. Why?

He doesn’t say mekita, he says Megiddo. It’s an ancient city in Israel.

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Yup, which is also well known by its Greek name Armageddon.


The most interesting thing just happened right now. I was reading about this Megiddo and a name popped into my mind when thinking about the band name. Berith. I’ve never heard of this name before. Turns out Berith is a demon with his own seal. The search says Berith is extremely malevolent and destructive and not to evoke him because of this. The band must be associated somehow with this demon.

The entire Canaan was worshipping Baal-Berith , El-Berith among other deities, so it’s not odd.