What does Lucifers presence feel like to you?

I feel like an electric high energy in my head and chest! Im curious how others feel?


Vibrations to me very high volume of it but warm as well

Like a wind that is blue and silver. Electric water. Silk.


This dark wispy energy with a slow thrumming vibration.

I feel that energy in my chest like you said… and also very sexual energy!!

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Comforted, happy, sometimes in an almost sparkly way, other times more sexual. Always a gentleman, I have no idea why I react that way. Sometimes he feels like a cool wind, other times heavy. Not sure what creates these differences.


I usually fall asleep before even thinking about descriptions, but yes, it’s … it’s like… it feels …it’s Lucifer

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Lucifer appears to me in many ways, changing with the nature of the summoning and my request. Often, when I arrive in his domain, I feel a trembling shiver run down through my body, and a warm glow rises in my chest.

In times of conflict, I will sense a cold, dreadful anger - not directed at me, but at my enemy. I feel the flames rise around me, and dark hatred festers up from my body. I feel primal, almost savage, though still in control. His eyes glow red against his blackened face.

Sometimes, I sense pure power. Not aggression, simply power. The power to cause change according to my will. The power to manipulate the very fabric of reality itself - the might of the four Kings.

At other times, when I am so lucky, I feel the most expansive sense of serenity. The peace that comes with strength, and the deepest knowing.

And every so often, it is only freedom.


For me, it depends on how much he’s focusing on it. In his stronger forms, he’s a heavy, comforting presence. I personally like fall, it’s my favorite season, and when he’s around in his fullest, it reminds me of a cool breeze at the end of a Tennessee fall, as winter is rolling in. That sounds super weird but it’s always the thing that comes to mind.

In lesser forms, he’s just really heavy. If he’s touching me it causes me to feel a tingling like the skin is numb.

In the least form (I keep saying forms because I honestly don’t know what else to call it), it’s like he’s in the background, keeping a watchful eye. I think of it like a dog looking over a flock of sheep from the shade of a tree. There is the obvious presence of his energy, but it’s not as noticeable.


Do you know how it feels when you get a blanket from the dryer and wrap it around yourself? The warmth comes over you slowly or it’ll just engulf you?

That’s how he feels to me. A warmth in the center of my chest that spreads through me like static.

It’s a comforting.

Edit 1: I was just reading @itsAlexthe7 comment and I feel that too when he touches me.

If I’m having a bad day where I can’t senses him. I’ll ask him if we can do our meditations.

I’ll meditate and when he sees that I’m relaxed enough. He’ll touch me and sometimes, I’ll feel static that makes my skin warm (imagine if your holding someones hand or giving them a hug. that warmth) or other times, if he touches me without me expecting it, I’ll feel this sharp pain like needles.





It is like a color spectrum that you move with a cursor. It can be from happiness and silly laughter to neutral, then deathly, dark, grotesque, scary frightening and heaviness in the air. Lots of pressure and gravity, a heaviness like lead.

Like a tall good looking waiter/waitress in a club or restaurant who is “serving” you because it is their job but whould rather pound your face into the table over and over because they feel so superior. I renounced traditional Christianity in the late "80’s but after prepratory immersion for several weeks he still felt prickish.

I only called him once, but when he came, i felt like I was draped in a smooth velvet robe. His energy was calming, soothing, and exactly what i needed at the time.


Electric, powerful, soothing, masculine, refined, benevolent, beautiful.


I usually get a headache when I feel his presence. I don’t really know why.

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I agree! Definitely masculine!

Exactly!! Me too… He cloaked me with His shadow and it felt like a blanket around me.

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Still waiting for someone to get my reference :thinking:

Warm, refined, and sexual. Honestly this is the kind of warm that even in 55 degree whether I’ve had to take off all or most of my blankets.

On a side note if you think he’s acting prickish you need to check yourself. Some daemons will react how you think they will because that’s their way of saying fuck you, or they just don’t trust you enough to act any other way.