What does it mean when one receives a "deity empowerment"?

For example: One might say : “I’ve received empowerment from Hekate”. What does that mean?

I don’t see many people use the term applied to themselves, but I use it sometimes in regards to some of the servitors I’ve created.

Some of the servitors I’ve created are empowered by Morax, and the Blackfoot gods. What this means is essentially the same as the definition of empowerment, it means that spirit has given my servitor the power to do the tasks they were assigned, and that it did not come solely from my energy and intent, though it was created same as my other servitors with my energy and intent. After it’s been fully formed and brought to life, I evoke the being I wish to empower it with, or who has expressed to me that they wish to empower it, work out a deal and they give the servitor the power and ability to successful operate with the skill set I programmed it with.

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