What does it mean to not "lust for result" in your opinion

So this is something ive been thinking about a lot recently, and i want to get some of your views on it. What does it mean to you all to not lust for result. My dilemma is trying to understand if it means forgetting that you did the ritual completely…which can be difficult if you just dont have the kind of brain that forgets stuff so easily.

Or if it means you simply dont care about the result after the ritual is over…which at times seems a bit disingenuous because if you didnt care, you wouldnt have done the ritual to begin with. What does not lusting for result mean to you? Is it possible to still think about and remember the ritual you did without it turning into something that hampers your magick?


It means you have to set aside your own desires for the working to succeed in its task. You aren’t being disinterested in your working’s success, just not relentlessly hounding it to work.

If you ask your friend for a big favor one time after a few weeks of just waiting for them to be in a good mood, they are more likely to do the favor than if you hound them for those few weeks begging them to do the favor for you.


This might help.


It’s not so much the wanting of the result, its the obsessive aspect that can make it dentrimental, If you are constantly obsessing over the result and thinking about it 24/7, you are in a way allowing self doubt to enter into play. “Why isn’t it happening now!” or “It’s not working!” you are either obsessing to the point where you don’t allow a good time frame for the thing to develop or you are doubting your ritual has worked therefore it will not work.

Basically once the ritual is complete the point is to believe that is has begun you sent out the energy to effect change. but it does take time to travel and you need to realise that. So you temporarily shift focus onto something else in order to give it time to allow the change to occur.


I wonder if it’s possible to correct thoughts either harmful or opposing magic.
For example, in the last case, indeed I may put aside the concern for results, but maybe also convince myself that the operation will succeed.


It means that after I have done a spell or working, I KNOW with all confidence that it is done, it will happen and I am just waiting for the thing I did the spell for to manifest. So I do not have to worry about it anymore…

Ok… Look at it this way… You are a business owner. You hire an employee to open the business at 7 every morning. He has to show up at 6 to have all the prep work done and be ready to open at 7. You the business owner, are you going to WORRY every morning is he there? Is the deli open? No. You hired him to do it and you KNOW when you get there the business will have been opened at the right time and things have been getting done the way you instructed him to do them.

Magick is the same way. You do it and know that it is done. All you have to do is take care of your business and wait for the results you are expecting to manifest. It is called confidence. It works.


It means once you’ve put all the emotional desire and intensity during the working towards your object or goal to fuhgeddaboudit and let it sink into your subconscious where the magick happens.

Good question, by the way.


In my opinion it’s a way to not set expectations too high. Think about what you want before the ritual, don’t think about it during the ritual, and then don’t speculate what will happen after the ritual. Since magic is a result-based practice, it’s wise to not formulate results that won’t happen because it’s contradictory in some way to something. Instead just have the belief it will happen somehow and see what happens without wanting it to happen a certain way.


But the problem with that whole “lust for results” and “obsession” thing is that many goals require daily, and I said daily work in the mundane world.

If working towards a recording career, you’ll want to train your voice everyday, study music, etc. If working towards a master’s degree or a doctorate, you’ll have a mountain of work to do. And I could go on and on and on. Of course, your ultimate goals will often be on your mind.

As for lust/love, it’s about not focusing much on it.


You do not have to forget you did the ritual, you just know that its working and not to constantly look for signs around you to see if its manifesting. Constantly thinking about when its going to work, if its going to work, etc., are actually subconscious doubts and worry… like the nikki lady said, its the above mixed with confidence that its done and working


Lust, as a spark and a motivator, is very much applicable to magic to get the desired result. That’s because the current is so energetically strong that the aftermath of sex - or of other desires - is lingering for hours.

As momentarilly as lust is, you have to let go of the desires when you have acted out upon it. The rituals and evocations you do is the reflection of your lust, desires and wishes of changes and new directions towards your goals.

As I see it, lust is important. It motivates us. It gives opportunities within the moment. Let it linger through the residues and aftermath of your rituals, but keep it momentarilly and leave it when you’re done.


From my own experience, when doing a ritual if you pump so much emotion into it that afterwards you cant muster up any want for it, that’s when there is success. It’s those times I don’t get it all out that i still want the goal and it’s typically only after I’ve forgotten about it that i see success. Don’t dwell on the goal, run yourself ragged emotionally in the ritual and just allow it to happen.


And how should one proceed when the Deli doesn’t open and the employee you hired isn’t doing the needful?

Fire the guy and get a new guy.

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And how long should one wait before firing considering this is magic and you are dealing with demons and spirits and if they somehow get offended for firing them?

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You misunderstand. What I meant was, if your working fails, try again.

I don’t do much spiritwork tbh, almost everything I do is under my own power excepting some of the larger workings of mine. And as far as working with entities, if you stop working with them, you should be fine, unless you owe them something promised.

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I agree this is the ultimate paradox in magick. You set about a current in line with your emotion and will and then aren’t supposed to be bothered about the result?

As folk have said on here there are various mental tricks you can perform. The first is to KNOW you have been successful before any results ever occur. If you put gas in your car you would expect it to go, wouldn’t you? Would you worry that you might forget how to breathe? This is is the simple certainty to maintain.

The next is to distract yourself as much as possible from the ritual. This doesn’t mean you have to forget it. Just go about your daily affairs, watch a movie, do something mundane.

Finally, don’t obsess about timing. Most of the entities we contact (or create) operate on a totally different level as regards time.

Again, trust in the result and all will be well.


That depends on the spell and situation. I would have to speak to you and do divination and let me little gut and brain get to work… Some things take time to manifest. Sometimes you do a spell and it is like the next day you got what you did the spell for. OTHER times there are OTHER things in play holding shit up. This is not a one size fits all type of thing. I would have to speak to you and figure out what is happening.

People talk to me all the time… What’s happening!? Why isn’t my magick working!? Well… It takes me 2 seconds after watching them DO the spell or talking to them to see the problem and 9 times out of 10 it is THEM, and the changes needed are not hard…



For myself I have had the best results when I walk away from a working KNOWING it worked. If I already know it worked than there is no reason to think much about it, therefore you forget and let your magick work.


Exactly! I’ve wrestled with this exact question regarding working with spirits and the topic at hand as a whole. I’ve wondered am I bothering them by repeatedly asking for the same thing? Although one thing I can say is as another author put it is don’t get caught up in the bull shit notion that demons and hell fire need to shoot up from your floor in order to manifest results. Will, Desire, Belief. So ya I don’t expect my floor to open and demons arise to gage success. That’s just me. But yes it is very hard to not think about it depending on the situation- passions run high on all levels both love- and sometimes more so- hate

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