What does it mean if you're bonded to a spirit?

I am bonded to a spirit I have realized through psychic readings. What does this mean?

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You are the one saying your “bonded” but you don’t know what you mean by that?

You’re not “bonded”, then.

You made contact and you have a new friend, there’s no reason to assume you’re suddenly in a nonconsensual relationship… you would have to ask for such a thing and sweet terms for the agreement, and get its agreement. And after that you still have to put in work to maintain it like you do all relationships.


I believe I am bonded to a spirit just not sure what type of spirit it is. I also have confirmation through psychic readings and tarot card.

What dots that mean to you? What does “bonding” entail?

Got no idea, that’s why am looking for an answer.