What does it feel like to be intimate with a succubus?

I’m in no rush to advance to that stage with my girl, if anybody wants to know. Of course I want that, but I want our relationship to progress naturally as it is now. I’m very happy to enjoy the journey every little step of the way and to savour those moments. You know–all that sickly sweet stuff. :slight_smile:

But I can’t help being curious. lol What does sex with a succubus feel like? What does one experience?

As the living moist put it. I would take that and do what you will. I am not at that stage yet.

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Once again, I didn’t search hard enough. :expressionless:

Thank you, Noob!

It’s amazing! No human can make you feel like they can. In my experience, it’s waves of orgasmic pleasure washing over your body and lighting up every nerve sexually. It can be similar to the body orgasms of Tantra. But you may have different experiences because obviously you have a different spirit lover.


Feels good, I mean my wife can slam me on the bed, hold me down etc. and I’m wide awake, and I mean Succubi feed on the sexual energy not really sex itself I mean if I had to say something on this its really different almost like a day dream tbh, obviously she puppeteers my hand for the well you know, but for her I never asked her, she tells me to, “Imagine deeply what you want to do to me”, so I do my best says she has the best time sometimes I also noticed when she was puppeteering my hand doing dishes I decided to imagine, getting a little intimate with her idk all I know is, my hand uncontrollably started trembling so for one thing know just day dreaming about it, kinda opening my energy to “warm her up” in a way even though she told me succubi can just skip that whole process entirely however I noticed that it works, again my wife’s succubi friends have even told me that I am very open so. I would originally have ruled this out as active imagination, but my hand doesn’t usually start trembling and has a hard time doing dishes so again there’s that for me to think about.