What does He look like?


Hey, hey! I’ve been working a project about the honorable spirits (on the digital drawing) and thanks a lot for all topics that I read. I want to know What does King Paimon look like? and I know I am on the best platform that I can learn this. my aim is not denigrate, I just want to draw that what you guys saw / I’ve never seen him/her. I am waiting your thoughts about what you saw.


Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

He is tall. 6’4". Has some wt. on him. His arms are built. strong. He has black hair short, looks young in his 30s Smooth face no hair. Hope that helps you.


Have you tried evoking him yourself ?


He might be looking close to the begging of this video.


I tried a lot with my all respect but I think I am not so lucky.


When I’ve envoked him he sometimes wears a golden turban. He holds his hands out for me to take. Always with a big smile. Once I take his hands we then sit and talk.
He has a golden aura around him and is just amazing.
Hail to King Paimon


And so I head his a very generous and kind king. Hail King Paimon! :blush:


He looks near identical to this to me. Except he wears a red head dress and red robe


Btw I edited your title to read " What does He look like. "


Wow, thats actually petty close! Clean face, though, and the prominent features a bit more angular and chiseled, especially the brow and cheekbones. Who is that in the pic?


That’s Rick Gonzales an actor. That’s from Lady Gagas Judas video. I swear it’s him!


thanks a lot about your informations, could you give me a detailed information about his outfits ?


There is no set look. They appear differently to other people. Or just switch it up based on mood.


To me, King Paimon looks like The Dos Equis beer guy. Except he is clean shaven and youthful even with his white hair.