What does everyone think of crystal healing here?

How legitimate is it?

It’s subtle. You can use crystals to amplify your traits and intention or projection. Using passive crystals by placement is passive. IT’s good to have around to balance negative energy. However, you need to know which ones is appropriate. It’s earth energy and certain elements for each crystal have effect. It’s usage is energy influence and vibration. It can mess up the feng shui or energy of your home if not use properly.

Best is to program the crystals. It can hold negativity too so it needs cleansing regularly. Some crystals don’t need cleansing.

You only need few. Clear quartz can program any intention to it. money, wealth, love, etc…
Rose quartz mainly for love.
Everyone should get a large herkimer diamond. Very powerful to balance energy and for psychic training. Dont’ cost much too. Just look up it’s purpose online. It fits right in with our goal to master magick. Many might not be able to handle it. It amplify your negative shit if you didn’t get rid of it. It brings things out for you to work on.


I used to be the type of person that doubted the power of crystals for healing, in general in the LHP community this topic can often be laughed upon/overlooked and send back to the Love and Lighters. We need to understand that there is nothing more underworld than crystals. They literally grow under the earth’s crust and are charged with Chtonic energies, some are said to come straight from other planets which makes them even more interesting. so yes, they can be looking sparkly and cute and new age fluff, but there is a lot more to them. They all carry their own natural energy and with that energy they are able to influence the magnetic field of any they come in contact with. So I used to be into them as a teenager, then because of my friends always joking about them and being new age I had lost interest in them. Until I started to train to become a reiki master in 2019 and had a third session with a healer who’s energy I had come quite accustomed to. Just that day I somehow did not really feel much and I told him that the session was less intense than what I was used of him. He then left the room saying nothing and returned and restarted the session, this time, it was crazy intense. It was so intense that I was able for the first time to consciously astral project out of my body right there and then in broad day light, him witnessing it all. When the session was over, I asked him what he did that made it different, he smiled and took a stone out of his pocket and said : " Oh, I had just forgot my little helper ". That was the day I started to incorporate crystals into my own healing work again, for myself and for clients, and have never looked back. These little beings are powerhouses of energies for us to work with and with the right knowledge can help us in ways we can not even imagine. So I think highly of them, and nowadays laugh at everyone who thinks other wise :smiley:

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I use them for clearing attachments and to give away emotions I don’t want to carry around.

You can also take energy and information from them if you’ve opened the chakras in your hands and the heart center. That’s where the arms meet up with the spinal column.

You can put things in them. The only way I’ve ever seen them useful for other people is similar to a point of contact at a distance.

Normally true crystals speak and healing and protection with stones is 100% true.

Totally doubtful are all people who claim their stones drain energy and stuff like that. These people are hoaks! Indeed you can bind a lhp entity to a stone but the stone itself would never harm anyone.