What does Death Essense feel like?

I attended a funeral several weeks ago and I have been meaning to ask this question.

In the church during the mass as I was gazing at the coffin, I felt a magnetic pull from the coffin. It was as if my eyes were connected and a pulsating draw of energy was occurring, causing my energy from my eyes to be attached and pulled towards the wooden box. I looked elsewhere in the church at other items just to make sure this wasn’t something that was happening with my eyes at the time, but no, as I looked back at the coffin the pull started up again. It didn’t happened when I looked at other items.

I really don’t know if I was imagining this, but, I also heard the deceased say “hello(my name)” in my mind with appreciation that I had come and a visual of her face flashed across my mind in a more healthy state and voice than she had been when alive as the person was cancer stricken.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as I am not experienced in this area and have been to funerals in the past but not felt this before.

Death essence to me feels like a mixture of laughter and sadness… wisdom and change. It is potent transformational power. It is like remembering funny memories of an old friend, but also mourning the loss. It is hard not to cry with Death essence, for me.

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i’ve been playing with this myself, but i only get a sense of hollowness, much like that mindless state when gnosis is reached, except it’s pervasive. i know this will sound like a cliche, but death essence feels like the lack of all other essences (except, of course, for the lack of a lack of essence… the hebrews have a word for this). to me, it feels sterile, still and cold. it’s definitely “something”, but it seems utterly useless. it’s not sinister, but neither is it not-not sinister. it feels “powerful” but only because power is common for magicians, and death essence is its lack, or the reciprocal of power. in a way, the same magnitude with the opposite charge, creating zero when they meet.

that’s what’s so damned frustrating to me. that death energy has the power to counter everything not related to death energy, yet the result or product is always “nothing”. i would very much like to use it more but it seems like a big ball of infinite entropy. anybody got any tips?

kind regards, james.

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I’ve done meditations in cemeteries before, vibrating the names “Hades, Hecate, Eurynomous” rhythmically. This helps to sort of direct the death energy in more beneficial pattern, since the energy is first sort of being handled by the three deities before coming into any sort of contact with me.
Nonetheless, the first I did it, and a coldness washed over me. It was absolute voidness, not sad or happy. I almost threw up right there on a grave.

It was absolute voidness, not sad or happy.
do you think this condition of "void" reflects the essence of death and the nature of the "afterlife?" could it correspond to the nature of the soul and how consciousness and the spirit depart from the living, and the life essence separating, leaving behind nothing to form into a formed consciousness ?

as another angle on this in distinction- the arrival of ABC is distinct from the condition of XYZ that results from ABC arriving (and once it has stabilized vs the “reaction” in process)… one example someone shows up (at a party, in a workplace, or into the “triangle”) and the tone of the place changes… how much it is “they” and how much the recalibration (ie they adjust to place and place and those there shift to them)… and that is different from where they came from- and their “function”…

To bring back to subject- taking something/an energetic form from “life” to not-life (no longer alive, different from “dead” which could be un-life?) and the quality of exper in that other state/other “place” may be sensed more by the contrast to this “state” (and “place”) while if from that other place- how would “here” be interpreted? (distinct from all above is an “outside” perspective" not alive nor dead- nor neither… separate from but not un-connected: I mention as often this seems to be mixed into the above- perhaps via “Void” concept/label? )
This being as I found that in conceptualizing the label-title used can shape one’s perspective and thus what one experiences (thus indirectly, vs directly contacting It as It is itself as it is occurring)

I wonder if there wouldn’t be a distinct difference between death essence and essence of the dead. I think essence of he dead would be this hollow gnosis sensation and death essence would be closer to the act of physical life leaving…just thinking outloud…well you know what I mean.

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It was absolute voidness, not sad or happy.

do you think this condition of “void” reflects the essence of death and the nature of the “afterlife?” could it correspond to the nature of the soul and how consciousness and the spirit depart from the living, and the life essence separating, leaving behind nothing to form into a formed consciousness ?[/quote]
Perhaps. But I’m not too keen on speculating about the afterlife.
I think it was more of the fact that death is the absence of life. Energy from living things is usually vibrant, or at least it has a “spark”. Death essence is just cold, it sucks and drains rather than sharing life, if that makes sense. Using this energy reminds me of the occasions when I touched a corpse. Coldness is the best to describe it imho.

Can we say then, that the power of the essence of Death is a negative force which draws out Life, and petrifies or freezes that which it touches?

Can anyone who has worked with Death essence comment on the above?
thanks in advance

There is the zenith and nadir of Death. It’s a malevolent force to many but not all who work with this essence. For example, I do healings for myself and others in need with it. I can dissolve stagnate energies, revivifying others, and reverse negative effects.

i always think of the 13th atu, death is change, necesary at some moment in this world, brings sadness for the loved ones who stay back, it also brings advancement, peace, the basis of new beginnings. its also bringer of freedom for the spirit.

cemeteries transmit me a big feeling of peace and spirituality

Working with the Death Essence has always been a mystical feeling for me. Almost like I am remembering a secret that is on the fringe of my memories.

I first encountered the Death Essence before I took up the occult. I smoked a big pile of K2 Spice and within a few minutes I thought I was dying (protip, that shit is WACK, never smoke it.) I felt myslef leave my body and a strange feeling of peace came over me, almost like the first day of Summer Vacation was starting and I was just getting out of school. I felt like I had a LOT ahead of me to do now that I was no longer Orismen.

I feel asleep feeling that it would be the last time I closed these eyes abd feeling totally ok with it. I woke up with a invigorated sense of life. Ever sense that I have held a great respect of the Death Essense.

On the surface this would seem to be “Life” Essence (vivification, animation).

What makes this kind of power “Death” essence?

How do we make contact with this type of essence? What is its source?

On the surface this would seem to be “Life” Essence (vivification, animation).

What makes this kind of power “Death” essence?

How do we make contact with this type of essence? What is its source?[/quote]

The energy can flow in both directions. I believe mainly through the Master of all shades of death and Lords of the cathonic realms can these things be called to reverse the essence of decay into health. The source is the acosmic divinities balance to the material world.


I was in Cinque Terre Italy yesterday and I wandered up the side of a mountain following a staircase and little trail away from the bustle of Motorossa. I was surprised to find myself in an Italian cemetery on the side of the mountain. After walking through the moselieum past all of the angelic statures I found myself at a simple graveyard on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea. There were simple wooden crosses and flowers adorning every grave. I stopped sensing a spiritual revelation about to take place, I tranced out into theta. Standing there I didn’t feel anything, it was a total absence of feeling, a nothing. It was like peace but I can’t say it was peace as it was a calm nothing. I believe this was death essence I felt.


From my own experiences Death Essence is an energy all on its own. You will feel all of the above: sadness, hatred, emptiness, etc. This however is only a very small part of the entire experience.

To truly live you will have to experience Death and all of its Infernal Glory.

Dante Abiel

Well, in my experience Death Essence is much more… interesting.

Whenever I call upon Death Essence, a definitive chill sweeps into the area I call it to. This Essence is not of the humans passed, it is of the acrid depths. It’s almost like a sick, dying sentience, and it knows you will manipulate it and has come to serve.

Regret comes with the Essence. I’m not sure why, but I know it to be akin to parting with a friend. But knowing you sacrificed said friend.

After the Essence has been sent, that’s when the emptiness kicks in. My body automatically goes into a stance of an interesting kind, and I remain like that for about a minute or two before uncoiling.

I’m not sure what the essence of a dead human feels like, but the underworld and I are becoming close.

And the underworld feels like a calm shadow, waiting to help or kill you at any moment. It can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies.

I haven’t started working with the dead yet, but from what I hear it’s pretty dark and deathly down here.

What happens during Christian funeral?
And what kind energy work do you do after participating? Just casual grounding work? During last 2 funerals I’ve attended, in the beginning I’m ok. But somewhere in the middle I always feel huge amount of energy descending into the space,it is so overwhelming that it makes tears come into my eyes. I haven’t figured out what is that huge mass of energy…it feels every time the same.