What does being gay mean to you, spiritually?

Absolutely agree.


What does it even feel like… I can’t even. Which I guess is how straight and homo people think of me. 🤷

I’m guessing relationships with entities would be affected by Orientation though. I can imagine that a homosexual male would have a very different relationship with Lilith for example than I do.

Everything is subjective but i think it would be silly to disregard orientation as a factor in how our relationships with spirits play out.

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I think it only matters if you think it does as far as spirituality goes. The gods and goddesses see the real you, the Eternal You that is beyond the physical, so I think the spiritual side of a relationship with a spirit would be more affected based on individual needs rather than sexual orientation. As the links you posted about Wicca showed, the creators of the religion were against homosexuality because of their particular ideas about polarity, but the work of Christopher Penczak shows the gods and goddesses are not. Polarity doesn’t even require two sexes, and both Yin and Yang can be cultivated within a single person.

Every relationship with a spirit is different because every individual is different, but I really don’t know how much sexual orientation comes into play when it comes to actual spiritual progress. I can only see it being of consequence if one is cultivating a physical relationship with a spirit. At least if a homosexual man is working with Lilith, she’ll know it’s not just for sex :slight_smile:

After I wrote that last sentence, I was left wondering if a gay man could indeed work with Lilith for sex :thinking:

Personally, I don’t identify all that strongly with my sexual orientation so it has never crossed my mind about how it might affect me spiritually. I just do what i do.

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One could. That being said I personally see Lillith as a mother figure. We are friends.


Exactly. And she started as a Mother figure to me but now …things have changed. It’s like she’s both in a way? I know that sounds creepy thinking in typical human terms but 🤷 that’s how it is now.


As a matter of fact she does have a very dominant sexual side that I love.


I have only called upon her once for a Q & A but she appeared to me as a sort of school girl figure, both innocent and sexual at the same time. I wasn’t sure it was her at first just because of what I had read about her and I’m not sure how much of my own sexual orientation factored into it.

I think she wants to work with me and I plan to call her again, once my work with Azazel and Belial is complete.

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She’s a Wonderful Woman

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Yes, she is. All of @succupedia stories about her made me kind of fall in love with her :blush:


I think this is why he didn’t. He knows what an individual can deal with and what won’t help them at all. I’ve never had him push a different orientation on me either but i always get the feeling he is very comfortable with the Pansexual idea.


I so agree, trying to ignore or pretend that other part isn’t there didn’t work out for me at all and now I’ve been able to tap into so much more.

There is a book series that made me think about this. Eon and the sequal, Eona. It’s about a young girl in the Asian continent, i think it was China but i forget now, the society works with Dragon spirits and each Dragon spirit represents a zodiac sign. Rat, Bull, Goat, etc but the Dragon zodiac is called the Mirror and later you find out it only excepts Women. Each Dragon has a human it directly communicates with but the main characters society has only men placed in each roll but the Mirror dragon has been without a speaker for centuries because it wont except a man.
She pretends to be a boy to get picked and the Mirror picks her but she has to struggle with repressing who she really is and giving up her disguise she uses for society to completely except the dragon. It also is called the Mirror because it shows you who you really are inside.
There is also a Transgender Character that discusses this idea with her in it. This person was born Male but is a woman. Her society sees her as having two souls, i don’t remember what word they use, so she is revered and thus given as a gift to the Emperor that is above all the Dragon Representatives. It did seem demeaning to think of this character as an object like a rare Mink Vase but the book tries to keep to a specific time period.

It’s fiction but i really liked how the author brings these issues into the story but makes them part of the story. It builds the story and doesn’t distract at all. Some times issues like this are not put into stories well so don’t enhance the story.

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I get the same feeling personally.

But that’s me.

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I think he likes to see whether we are mastered by our various identities and preferences, this stuck in my mind:

In my case I had to ask Raphael to intercede and get him to stop harping on the issue, on the basis my psyche and my old man’s are perfectly fine thank you, BUT I think it was more my willingess to use power, than any moral absolutes or ideas one thing is better or worse, that caused him to drop that topic.

If someone self-identifies with sexual preferences and then cedes them to the first temptation, and self-identifies differently as a result of outside influences, it could be argued that attachment to a label - not what they stick where, and with whom - is limiting them.

it also rules out the “I am but a victim of my psychology/genes #BornThisWayvictimhood identity, which ultimately undermines any quest for real power in various ways.

And just to be clear this is not about whether someone has been victimised by humans, for being gay, straight, female, having big teeth or whatever, it’s about the extent to which that is internalised.

If a person is gay, has a chance to be turned at least functionally straight and able to enjoy straight sex, and refuses, they are making a conscious choice to define themselves and can no longer feel on any level like they have been short-changed or like power lies external to them and defines what they do.

And you can swap “kinky” for “gay” in the sentence above, and “vanilla” for “straight” and that’s how it worked out for us.

IMO it’s not about any sexuality or action being somehow more, or less, empowering and “evolved,” it’s about how much of it is a seat of personal power and choice, and how much it feels like a limitation that’s resentfully defended, but not freely chosen and used as a conscious CHOICE. Like I wrote:

It could also be argued as on a continuum with taking Insight Roles in the ONA, consciously adopting a personal identity and belief system at odds with one’s natural self… . :smiley:


Lol :laughing:

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I’ve never considered my sexuality (I’m straight) to mean anything spiritually. I don’t know how that would work. All power to you, though.


Another perspective.



Great read


Why are you mentioning me in the same breath as Atinama? I’m gay and I already support the LGBT+ community.


Because I had only read one of your responses in which you implied all religions proscribe homosexuality. Reading more of your responses, I got that you do approve of homosexuality.

Regardless, it’s good to take a deeper look at things. I’ve presented evidence as to how Buddhism and Hinduism actually approve of homosexuality (in spite of what some gurus or scholars might say). There are actually more LGBT-friendly religions than otherwise. It’s mainly strict, traditional, fundamentalist Judaism, Christianity and Islam that disparage and ostracize homosexuality that much.


I didn’t say all religions, I was just saying not only Abrahamic religions. There seems to be a particular mob mentality against Judaism, Christianity, and Islam without any critical looks at other religions.

Yes, the one where you had introduced yourself as a Nichiren Buddhist. I read it.

However, in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama has always maintained that Buddhism prohibits anal and oral sex. And has been quite vocal about this.

So, clearly, you don’t speak for all Buddhists and at least some sects of Buddhism have prohibitions on homosexuality. I do admit however, that I may have been incorrect about Hinduism.

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