What does being gay mean to you, spiritually?

You ask a great question which has a simple and straight forward answer yet depending on how you view it, is also multifaceted and difficult to answer. What I’m saying is that it can be answered in multiple ways.

The short answer is: it doesn’t mean anything to me other than it helps me to understand and maintain a functional relationship with the people I care about. It doesn’t affect my ascent daily life or anything else because in the end sexual orientation and preference is a meaningless concept and debate. It just exist so why should it be a big deal which sexual and personal preference you have? Will another woman who loves a transgender give you a heart attack? Not likely unless you are such a rigid person that your blood vessels cloth due to your own rigidness.

The mor complex ander: as a bi - guy you get a lot of shit and thrash talk from a lot of people, even so called allies and friends. A common phrase I’ve heard: “well if you are into girls then why don’t you stick with that?” -or as a family member put it - “the society and it’a laws are based on the principle of family and of marriage between a man and a woman. You’ll run into problems if you choose to be with a person of the same sex, especially if you have options.” - to me this ludicrous so I have to live according to a norm to fit nicely into a near societal box? What if I want to be happy? Where does that part come in? According to the ideas presented above happiness is not necessary, as long as you conform to the norm you are good. So the social argument is: it’s better if you live together and “love” a person and remain unhappy and unfulfilled in life to live an ideal? If that’s the case it’a not only is that enslavement, it’s harmful psychologically, spiritually, mentally. It causes blockages, stress, anxiety, depression, along with never coming to a place a fullfilment - I think you get the idea.

However the part about being a bi and dating and having a relationship with a woman if the option is available to you - is actually a fair and logical question: however this is the part where love or at times care for a person comes in until it the said feelings for that person ends, if your heart and mind is in it wether it may be for a male or female or anything in between - why is it important? Is the easy and expected way always the way to go? Not always.Relationships are built on trust, care and empathy.

Thanks to my orientation I might be enjoying a certain kind of freedom unlike some members of the LBGTQ+ people. I still had to face adversity from myself and my surroundings and as a result I had to spread my wings and fly along the head-wind. There was and still is no other way to grow and be happy otherwise.

I can’t say being bi - didn’t screw up or messed with frienships and even grounded some gears within the LBGTQ+ community. What I found ironical in a way amusing - I found more comfort around heterosexual people most of the time, due to that they respected and accepted me more often than not, all of my personality didn’t define me by my preferences, although it still raise an eyebrow every now and then. Once upon a time I used to identify myself by my sexual orientation, I don’t anymore because of previously mentioned reasons. In conclusion what I am trying to say is this: the more you care about your gender and what norms and ideas that other people impose upon you, the less you will be able to ascend and more importantly be fulfilled as a person and as a being. Sexuality and gender in a way is meaningless to certain extent.

To note my heterosexual friends have loads of hardships as well. Sometimes just as nasty as those a lot of LBGTQ+ people experience like: expectations from friends, family, peers, etc. they are being assailed from all sides with expectations and behavioral demands. The only advantage I see being bi is that me being in middle ground of the norm - I have a strange ability to understand and empathize with both sides and most people in between due to my own struggles. It’s easier for me to have functional relationships with people because of what I’ve been though, as it has strengheted both my male and female sides, especially the empathy part developed through some of the said struggles along with my ascent for they go hand in hand these days.

To me my orientation in a way is a freedom but freedom in chains - that is if I allow myself to be consumed by it. If I don’t view it as a hinderence and don’t define and categorize myself by it and base my life around it - I am free in body, mind and spirit/soul.

I guess I was incarnated to prove to myself and others that limitations both to myself is meaningless, I had to learn and overcome them in this lifetime and thereby also being able to perhaps help or show others the way to help them cope as well. However I have yet to confirm this last part. - sorry for this last paragraph it’s off topic.


Well stated. The Bi category confuses the straights who are intent on labels. It also makes one a threat to some because they don’t know which you’ll go. Never be the spectator, always be the spectacle.

I’m gay but dated a woman once. I got shit from everyone for it. Even my mom was a little miffed at me. I had women ask me why I didn’t sleep with them instead of the older lady I was seeing. It all ended oddly.


I have read about this also in the Native American culture. They were revered sometimes as shamans.


I’m not a shaman but I’d totally date one. That could be a spiritual experience. I’ve partied with priests but that’s about it.


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A guy can be “Lesbian” too ! It’s called “Male Lesbian”.
No it’s not a joke .

Huh? How does that work?

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So I had to look this up because it was a new term.

A male lesbian is a physiologically heteosexual male who wishes he’d been born a girl. He feels alienated by the social standards of gender roles. He may be a crossdresser or consider himself transgendered, but he is probably not transsexual. His ideal would be to be able to be his feminine self in a relationship with a biological female. If he is open about this, he may be ridiculed by both the gay and straight communities.


Yes we Exist !


Now I know too. I’d not heard of that before. The definition I gave came from a Google search. I learn something new every day on BALG.


Nice post. My girl and I have many male gay friends and I have a T shirt I wear when we go out that says I punch gaybashers in the face. No there is nothing wrong with it. That’s how you are. Don’t EVER let anyone make you feel bad. Some of my best friends are gay men and if I need something, they are on it.


Come on! There isn’t a lot of hate against us!
If you look at all the nice things people are saying in this thread and there is only 1 person saying something that you define as cruel.
That’s what we see in the world also. A few people that doesn’t like someone else to act differently but the rest is accepting and loving.
Don’t say that you belong to a minority that gets a lot of hate because that’s not true anymore unless you live in a Muslim country.
Most people doesn’t care if you are gay but they do want you to be happy.
Look around! There is a lot of hate but not just against gay people, life is hard for everyone!
No one is going to hit as hard as life it self!
It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.
Move forward.

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It’s a heavy trip they lay on gay people. That’s why I called bullshit. Saying someone is going to hell because they’re gay is like saying God made a mistake. Because life is hard enough no one is choosing that, no they’re born that way. I told my Sunday School teacher that one time and she nearly dropped her King James Bible lol…

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YES!! I agree. I always wondered how church could say that God doesn’t make mistakes and say that homosexuals are an abomination to God. I never felt too abominable. What, now I’m a freakin’ snowman?


Well if they explain homosexuals then they have to explain DMT, marijuana, Peyote, you know all the shit they lied to us about when they said they were more dangerous than alcohol. You know the war on drugs and then its THIS BUDS FOR YOU!

I can see you have the same problem I have: critical thinking. Lol i dont just roll over when they tell me to…lol

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I personally dont think it means anything. Or is something that’s of any importance. Your sexual preference considering that’s homosexuality exists in animals as well. But I do think you should process your psych about it though. For the simple reason of psychological trauma can affect how you behave. Like a female who was raped might project that into all men. And therefore be lesibian. When not all men are like that. So same thing with being gay. Is there underlining hate for your father and for you self that makes you want to dress like a women, you be transgender. Or is there a underlining missing of your father who wasnt there. So it manifests in this way. I find no problem in it but I do find problem in those things we choose to ignore. Or push into the darkness of our minds.

I think you make some interesting points which are true in very few cases. Jungs shadow is real and people certainly do project etc. I would ask you how many gay folks do you know well? Because EVERY single seriously gay person I know (not experimenting) say they knew they were gay as long as they can remember. Which coincidentally is how long I remember being straight. Great points though.


In any country other than a culturally Western one and some European, gays are persecuted. Not just Muslim. You might be feeling sheltered because you live in a Western culture where LGBT rights has become properly enforced in the last decade. I myself am all about moving forward, but to silence facts because they make you uncomfortable helps no one.

This is just ignorant. But I do agree that gay people, like everyone, should focus on the positives.


As a bisexual woman I feel very good about it. It means that I have more opportunity to give love. I lean more towards females than I do males, but that is only because of abuse I’ve taken from men.

It does sadden me, however, and scare me that the recent wave of “sjw” stuff has come to being against people who are bisexual. I hope all of this chaos and annoyance in the past two years will subside quickly enough. We have more important issues to worry about in the world.