What does being gay mean to you, spiritually?

This is meant for other people on here who identify as LGBTQA+ whatever

I remember that, apart from my Christian experiences, I never thought being gay was a bad thing. I was weird enough to tell people I was asexual, so clearly standing out never bothered me. What does it mean for you to be queer?

For me it’s a very positive thing. I feel special. Especially with the way the world is changing and how evolving treatment of queer people is showing us about the human condition on a macro level, how we interact with each other as a society. How we’re learning to be more compassionate at various levels and thus know ourselves better.

I think a lot of straight people struggle with identity growing up. As people you always compare yourselves to others, and wonder what it is about you that makes you special. Being gay makes me feel special cause I’m part of an exclusive club. So it’s one aspect about myself I really like.
In this era we’re being portrayed as revolutionaries of love, and the apparent growing number of queer people is supposed to be because collective humanity is ascending, since in the spirit world sexuality and gender is more naturally fluid.

If healing ourselves heals the world, making our relationship with our own queerness positive will help to heal LGBTQ as well. And in extension humanity. Cause we’re the ones living queerness, not religious homophobes. We get the ultimate say in what queerness is because we’re the ones experiencing it and living it intimately.


Sometimes you have to tip that scale :thinking::woman_shrugging::joy:


Being gay isn’t a disorder because it doesn’t harm you in itself. Biologically, being wired to like the same sex doesn’t effect your health. So it’s more of an intriguing phenomenon.


animals do gay sex all the time
bisexuality was something so common and normal before the christianism that they didn’t even have ideas of homossexuality or heterossexuality


Who cares. These bodies are fleeting sacks of meat and bone doomed to dust. Perhaps your soul or mind does not match the body you got perfectly. Perhaps you can shift your astral and mental form around to whatever orientation you choose or just look at the spirit of the person more than the actual physical body but you don’t consciously realize that.
In the end gender and such applies only to the physical body as the spirit and energy is mutable to will and intent.
Go with whatever satisfies your desires as it were.


No battling… I don’t want to turn this into a pointless hate thread. I’m certainly not going to fight people about this. I really did want to hear from other gay people so I hope they won’t be scared out of replying if people start flinging hate around pointlessly cause they can.


to be honest i really don’t see the point about being a magician and thinking that being gay, bisexual, promiscuous, whatever is wrong, unnatural or disgusting
this thought come from ignorant abrahamic religions principles (xtian and islam) and isn’t that what you all are trying to fight?


I honestly have a really healthy relationship with my own sexuality and self-esteem. I think it’s great.


But in the spirit world there is gender, though mutable. Don’t forget the hermetic principle that everything has gender’’. Even beings beyond the non dual plane has gender. Though not in the form of pussy and dong.

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I’m alright with everyone, except pedophiles. In the physical plane, I myself am asexual, but bi-romantic, although I tend to be attracted to males more often than not. Being asexual has obviously caused some problems with my physical relationships, which is why I’m now leaning toward spiritual relationships. It’s hard to find someone who gets asexuality, and even when I’ve had sex with my partners, because I wanted to, for their enjoyment, they are usually left feeling like I didn’t really want to or like they forced me into it, which isn’t the case, but it has caused so many issues, I’ve pretty much given up on finding love in the physical. That’s ok, Lucifer understands where I’m coming from, lol!

As far as spiritual partners, why not have whatever you want? Although, I will say, astral sex, is something I very much enjoy, just not in the physical.


Gender being a convenient analogy for the polarity within a single force. The expansive versus contractive principles. Love and hate are two polarities of an emotional spectrum but each has a positive and negative so those two emotional polarities embody four aspects. Two for each. It is in short the polarity within the polarity to maintain balance of forces just like the two initial energies of light and darkness result in four elements.

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So because it’s normal in thee animal kingdom, means it’s normal for us? A bunch of people do it, so it must be natural? I find it repulsive. I also hate seeing beautiful girls and finding out they prefer woman, what a waste I say. The physical form was made this way for good reason. Experimentation is understandable, but if you truly find your inner gender incompatible with your physical form, then there is obviously some fucked up karmic neurosis going on that is preventing you from keeping up with your own evolution.

When it comes to Ascension, I do believe masculine and feminine balance toward spiritual hermaphrodism is Paramount to full self-realization.


It is natural BECAUSE people do it. Because people are inclined to do it, cause they’re biologically programmed that way.

Transgenderism is different to sexuality. There’s a lot more to debate with. Since dysphoria is a common characteristic and that is incredibly mentally debilitating. Often transgenderism has no relation to sexuality at all.


I also think it’s great that you love yourself the way you are. So many on the spectrum have been shamed and terrified into thinking there’s something wrong with them, they start to literally believe it, and that’s a part of why so many beautiful, wonderful people are lost to the world, through suicide, murder, etc.

Thank you for bringing this up, so maybe it can help someone who is dealing with identity or emotional issues!


I know a lot of you are straight and want to chip in because the topic of LGBT is so politicized. But honestly it’s gay people who are living the experience, presumably because their souls chose to in this lifetime, they are the ones who are defining it with their lives and how they use it.


no, its just natural
and when it comes to the humans, its also normal and always was, do you see that you wouldn’t have this opinion if weren’t the abrahamic principles in our society? principles from the bible and the quran? if you were born in ancient greece you wouldn’t have any problems with this
and you’re talking like homossexuality is not being comfortable with your body, really, what you are talking about?


He knows it’s natural, he seems smart enough. It’s just easy to entertain yourself by saying cruel things to a minority that already has a lot of hate against them. He’s probably chuckling about it. Gays, or back in the days it was women or racism. It’s not a strong thing to do, it’s very easy to repeat the words of a thousand internet trolls, or backwards societies that used their power to enforce it. I don’t care, but not impressed.


I’m straight and believe other people’s sexuality is none of my business whatsoever.

Spiritually however, I noticed that the more spiritually advanced people are, the more they become sexually balanced. They don’t feel they belong to any specific gender… but can feel both sides within themselves and outside themselves equally.

Spirits are known to have dual nature, both male and female, as well as spiritual “guru” masters, not the fake ones of course, so in my opinion… spiritual advancement takes the one beyond gender. To accept both sides and celebrate it, welcome it, no matter which form it takes within or without.


Atinama is not taking his stance seriously. Anyone who believes homosexuality is an imbalance is just uninformed with the science or the biology. There is no evidence that being gay does anything bad at all in itself. So there’s no need to even have the debate at this point.

I just wanted to know how other gay people were relating to their own experience of that part of themselves.


Pansexual queer here! I hadn’t really thought of it this way at all. Thank you for this.