What does BALG forum's books of shadow and grimoires look like?

Now i want to get some Hello Kitty…I was going to snag something with the little black rooster but then i was told it wasn’t a rooster (year of the rooster here) and dashed my dreams :cry:
I have multiple books for different things or entities i work with but one does have the Lucky Neco on it lol.

I do have these though for my personal ones



This one was made by my uncle (he’s an art restorer) and gave to me in my birthday

Later he algo gave me another, I said that I will use this on to write my dream to start lucid dreaming


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Those are wicked cool!

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:blush: Thanks! He’s a very talent artist, he have painted lot of beautiful arts. He also have restored a bunch of sculptures in a very important church here.

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I’m making one for a friend. I haven’t bound it yet.

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This grimoire has spells that I’ve tested and know work amazingly.

This one focuses more on manifestation and LOA.

This one is like a glossary, it contains info on auras, chakra, energy etc, everything I need for traveling or being discreet.