What does "avren" mean?

So this word “avren” (pronounced ah-vren; almost like “sovereign”, but without the ‘s’) has been echoing in my head all day. I don’t know what is means. I want to say it’s an Infernal word, but I don’t understand that language.

Does anyone recognize this word? What does it mean? And why do I keep hearing it in my head?

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That’s the kicker - no one does. Not even EA, who had to work with professors to figure out that it resembles an ancient dialect of Aramaic. But it’s too bizarre of a dialect to translate.

I’d suggest meditating on the word. It’s also possible that it’s being given to you for some purpose by a spirit you’ve worked with recently, so rack your brain for any spirits that are likely.


Call up - i had a name show up in my dreams and being said… hes followed me in the woods. I am still picking at where they came from

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I’ll give that a shot.

So you’re saying it might be a name.

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Are you trying to work with Djinns?

Nope. Though they were a subject of fascination in college, I’ve never made any attempt to contact them.

Well… Avren is the name of a town in Turkey. Also a village in Bulgaria.

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You’re right. And there’s another village by that name that’s in another part of Bulgaria. All of the locations don’t seem to have any significance from what I’ve noticed.

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I don’t feel anything particularly “Infernal” about the word. it’s an anagram for Raven.

Could be mine was

Ugh… just saying the word once sent powerful shivers all over… just like most metaphysical things i encounter… xD

There is something about the word, I’ll tell you that. :smiley:

Does saying it or chanting it make you feel anything in particular?


I don’t know but when I chanted that word, I had this meaning coming up : group of extremely powerful spirits. Somehow it’s also a praise. It’s like it’s said to praise a group of spirits for thier power.


I got a similar thing. I’d say it’s a concept rather than a thing. Best way I could put it would be ordered purity; the state of being above corruption and soiling of any kind. A fortress of purity and the strength that comes with that.
Think along the lines of old paintings of heaven.


Didn’t notice that until just now! xD

There’s a feeling of familiarity, but the meaning and its significance are lost on me. Every time I’m about to learn what it is, it escapes me.

Did anything stand out about this group of spirits aside from power?

Interesting. Maybe it’s some sort of mantra?

Yes, two elements related to them. Fire and speed. Almost feels like a tornado of unseen fire that moves at the speed of light from one place to another !


Interesting. I wondered if those are their abilities (or some of them).


I had the name Ruphir spelt out and spoken several times a few weeks ago and since i am seeing a runner in the woods… i smile- my family hears bumps in the night` that is why i was wondering if new or silent demons were stepping forward

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Avren has two meanings, the first is Origin the begining of something. The second is Popularity to be popular amonst others.


What language?

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So it’s either one of those definitions or a combination of both?

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