What does an offering do

I’m new to this so I’m curious what offering does in detail. What does a deity gain from it? How would they for the lack of a better word ‘partake’ in an offering such as wine if they are not physical? Does offering give them power? If so how and what kind? All answers are appreciated


They experience things you experience through your offering. What’s more, the offerings make them feel respected. I have heard that your goal, the task you have given them , gains additional “power” and gets completed faster.


As @Mystic-Void said it, the offerings show a great deal of respect to the spirits. I also read that spirits can enjoy the offerings in two ways. Either through us or leaving a said offering(be it food or drink) for 24 hours so the spirits can take their energy, after which if you for example gave them an apple, I think it should taste differently or rot faster than usual, after which you dispose of the said offering.


It’s like a thank you. As not all devotions give energy but it’s still a “thank you for your time you put into me” instead of “give me this, do this for me” with no sign of respect or gratitude. In the case it does give energy it can add to their influence on the physical. Just as pantheons like the Loa have such a significant influence on our physical.


It is a sign of gratitude.


As raven said it is a sign of gratitude, if I ask/task a Dark Lord to do something for me and they do it. I give them an offering of their favorite gem, their favorite colors, etc.

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I’m planning an offering for tonight, my plan is to offer to share a cup of tea. First the experience of consuming it, all the sensation and taste. Then leave the other half for the being. Should work.


Symbolic ritual offerings. What are you willing to offer to the entities you want to work with? You want something from them, but are you willing to give? It shows that you are serious about your rituals and are willing to give as well as receive.

The spirits, deity or demon don’t necessarily need food, drinks or jewels but its the fact that you value it as an offering and are willing to give it to them and not keep for yourself that is value. The act of sacrifice itself and not the item, that will move the ritual forward and shows your serious intent.

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I share my water with King Paimon.

He appreciates it.

Must be fluoride free water :smirk: