What does a person get when assuming the God form of another God

What does a person get from assuming the God form of another God is it power or knowledge or the title that question has been bothering me can someone answer it for me?

The clashing of Consciousness. Unless you are properly aligned with all of the Gods wishes it could cause you serious problems. Lets put it into perspective. Would you go to a China Communist regime as an individual, sit in the Leaders chair and give commands especially from a different perspective? Would you stand in as a look alike for the President of the United States and expect them to put up with you? Same concept with a Godband pretty much the form of most any consciousness of any Being. Why would you want to be something else that you are not?

An example of someone I knew who did this as they were shady in a way. It caused all sorts of bad things to happen in their life to where their life was falling apart.

If you imagine that you’re an information stream/program producing your results, you can merge that with a stronger stream and experience a kind of upgrade, which may be temporary or lasting.

Check the god in question is compatible first, and contact them as though they were an individual to ask if they’re willing to do this (courtesy never hurts).