What do you think or have been told ENLIGHTENMENT IS?

Hi guys.

Just wanted to ask what do you guys think or see enlightenment is?

Wanted to see what people come up with or what have “demons” told you this is exactly.

I ask, as I had a glimpse of enlightenment and what was seen will blow your mind.

Im holding off from spilling the beans as mostly intregued on others views or even experience.

Well, some entities that have been demonised by religiopolitical groups of humans are ascended beings and have great advice, having done it themselves. Personally I don’t use the term “demon” if I can help it.

I also don’t use the term “enlightenment”, I prefer “ascension”, but that’s just me. It’s not a switch you can turn on an keep on, it’s a process that goes in stagesand doesn’t stop once you reach the level of the ascended masters, there’s levels above them too.

The way I see it, it means building and activating your light body so that you can interact meaningfully with higher dimensions or planes, starting with the 4th. Manifestation distills out of these into 3D. The tool for doing this is the combination of heart, mind and body.

It’s one thing to build your energy to be able to manifest siddhis, and a lot can be done with the regular consciousness, and it’s another to raise your awareness to meld all parts of yourself with energy from the higher realms to manifest reality out of “no thing”. Connecting to this source of unlimited potential, also called the Tao, is what is referred to as “the god within” as taught by ascendeds like Mithras of Zoroastrianism (later called Jesus).

Congratulations! :slight_smile: Having seen it, then you know it can’t really be well described in words, it must be experienced by the individual. This is a limitation of the 3D mediums we are using here to communicate. If it’s outside someone’s experience it’s very hard to see it, as perception works wihin the realm of memory and understanding. It would be interesting to hear your descriptions I’m sure :slight_smile:


Enlightenment is what I call “the point” in which you realise the fundemental truth of the universe

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According to some people, humans have to reach enlightenment, while for others we’re enlightened but not realized. Indeed these could be two ways to put it, or also 2 stages. Such stages may become 3 by saying “Study in order to Practice in order to Be”.
Some spiritualists have an Advaita Vedanta inclination, which would be good, but no more when they simply skip to the third stage of just “being”. Theoretically, that’s spiritually acceptable if one is already capable of doing it correctly i. e. not by crossing arms and remaining common people, nor becoming static etc.
Once again, for some Enlightenment would be to realize we (and actually everything/one) are God or “the Ocean”, names for what has no name, as implied by the mantra Tat Tvam Asi, “You are that”.


This glimpse happened whilst I was eating my dinner!

Was watching non duality videos on youtube, which I had been watching religiously in almost all waking moments for weeks.

Whilst eating, the arms and hands where moving BY THEMSELVES, no seperate entity inside this body. Just a the view as one thing.

The body was the same as everything else and all that was happening was SEEING.

There was no thought, but the feeling of being in deep silence, totally peaceful and relaxed.

But there really wasnt a ME , which was the most blissful thing.

The mind came back after just a few seconds, yet seeing of what these non dual “teachers” are teaching for me is enlightenment.

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Oh right, in the sense of “the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight, in particular (in Buddhism) that awareness which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.

Yes, that’s not ascension, that’s part of the learning that goes into ascending.

So what are you going to do with that now? :slight_smile:


What was for dinner? I’d love to have one with everything too, willing to share the recipe? :wink: Just kidding :smiling_face: But seriously, beautiful experience, forgetting to forget who you are

After seeing this it was realised that there actually isnt anything an “I” can do as in reality it doesnt even exist.

So your question of what am “I” going to do with this now doesnt make sense once this is seen.

Whatever happened just did so by itself, and everything in existance is happening without any seperate entity or it could be said without any YOU that feels the sense of being inside a body.

You are not inside a body, only think you are! The natural non filtered reality is that the body and the surroundings are the same thing. All one thing with no “I, You” just the view itself playing out like a movie.

The end of all suffering, as its the 'I,You" that suffers. When the ego is gone for even an instant tne deep rest and end of all possible suffering is seen possible.

Who suffers? Its the mind with thoughts and feelings that mix and cause mental termoil.

Without a “you” or mind filter, suffering just vanishes and a feeling of deep sleep is felt in the waking state.

This was weeks ago, and ive had no other glimpes, i have no idea why or how it happened.

Just thought it was worth sharing, and none of this makes me think im anything special. As anyone can see this if looking in the right direction.


Enlightenment I think means when one is learning from mistakes not repeating them, trying a different approach, when all odds are apposed against them, to triumph over them odds. Things that worked for you in the past, may no longer suit you for the future. Braking ties with no longer works for you. Enlightenment is also the past of someone, who has ran away from it, and its now catching up to them, and its running out of steam. A new way of life is now proposed to beat it. Another meaning of it is, such when one is used to comforts of friends and family or those who have protected them, and helped them all in life’s journey, may start to parish and one is left to take them teachings and bare and provide for themselves or they will have to learn if they didn’t learn nothing to help themselves. An example of everyday enlightenment, a spouse is tell you how to save your relationship, or telling what is wrong to work on, a work place giving hints to find another job, its laying off or firing in masses. A workplace is coaching you to do better if you don’t your job is on the line, and all this maybe your way of life you need to protect, if you want too keep up things, or you’ll learn the hard way of enlightenment, after all said and done and you lose it all.

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Has anyone here watched any non dual teachers such as Adyashanti.

When this is seen that there is no “you” except in a bundle of thoughts about the past and future things become very very simple and easy.

No worrying about anything as the one who would worry is no longer there.

This is impossible to explain in words but lets just say non duality “enlightenment” is the vanishing of the ego self that wants.

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Asmodeus has told me this.

“There is no greater truth than human desire.”

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