What do you think is the worst thing about living in physical body


Most arguments start due to the physical body and to fulfill our needs. The only arguments that really don’t start as much are verbal abuses and behavior problems. Once we become more intelligent when we get rid of our brains that will most probably become less also.


The fact that we even need to commute shows how weak our body really is. If we were in non physical bodies we could just fly/teleport there whenever we want. And there would be no such thing as physical labor as everything can be created through magic/astral abilities.


I have a question/ Don’t astral beings also have orgasms/sex. Look at Lilith and the succubi. They constantly have orgasms. I also heard astral beings can eat food. I’ve read posts on this forum showing that some entities eat their offerings.


Yes, me too about going to bathroom (I wonder if one, by applying a state of concentration, may keep the body a bit “cleanier” than normal, both inside and outside).
And being divided between spiritual growth and sexual desire, sweating, pimples etc. Further I’m able to find, to put my mind in death-acceptance positions, but should physical immortality be possible, body’s rotting would also be avoided.


I would never want physical immortality in this body. Many people are trying to put their consciousness in robot bodies. I wonder what would happen to their soul though.


Death and losinh everything we have.


Well yea astral sex is definitely a thing but I suck at it. As soon as I become too aroused on the astral it snaps me back into my body. The link between the astral body and the physical causes my actual boner to happen and I wake up. For this reason I generally try to avoid sexual impulses in the astral.


Why would anyone choose to hate the very tool they must use to do their magic? If you can’t perform works of wonder on your own instrument, how do you perform them on anything else?


Itchy noses and stubbing my pinky toe.