What do you think is the worst thing about living in physical body


In my opinion the worst thing is being forced to use the bathroom. Using the bathroom makes me hate being in this disgusting human body. The next is the brain. I am not a fan of the human brain. It is so weak and can be easily destroyed. I wish we had the mental capacity of our higher selves here on Earth. I have always wanted to take my disgusting lump of blood and all these tissues and neurons and take it out of my body and have a lightning bolt destroy it.


having emotions…


You don’t have emotions in spiritual body?


ehh. i read that demons don’t particularly have emotions toward humanity. but who knows for sure, different people have different interpretations


All spirits live in Symbiosis with humanity, otherwise they wouldnt be able to interact with us like they do.


Toothache… plus all the other bits of me that hurt regularly… but apparently pain us the awareness of life… so meh…


Gaining weight from delicious food…Though toothaches are bullshit too


Pain, the experience of hurt and injustice, limitations, unfulfulminet, lack of knowledge and clear understanding, vunrability, and yes the ability to manipulate the brain even against our will to the point of toxic emotions, and be controlled by ouside influences; dark deppression. Lack of trust and kindness in humanity.Childbirth pain. One human can enslave or imprison another human and not even feel or never know or care of the other persons pain, or their ability to drive another to madness or deprivation in a heartless way, and those stuck not finding a way to free himself. Confinement, and as a humans can easily be deprived. Being bullied. Worrying about money, food, shelter etc. and relying and worring on somehow to get the basic needs to survive. Feeling week. Governments- there I said it lol. Ostricisation, or being let down by the ‘human counterparts you love’. Feeling yucky from bodily yukiness. Never being perfect or in perfect balance. Never being able to always say the right words. Never truely knowing ‘why’? The planets and earth we live on and its true history, death , the soul, and the truth behind it all, and the part if any significance we play in it, and never 100% knowing these answers before its too late. The inability to run barefoot without being pricked or stung on the grass… not being able to fly or roam freely, or feel loved, safe or special in ones purest form. That I know Im falliable. Disease. Should I go on? :confused:


Oh yeah, ‘spirits’ do have emotions, in my humble opinion, but maybe not so much patience to ‘human nonesens’ to what they are not in sync with, -but that again is another emotion. Its almost like one cat saying to another, yeah, humans have no emotions. That humun makes me sleep outdoors… and they don’t understand that licking yourself clean is a great pleasure. Nor do they seem to see the things they way we see it in the dark, and they walk down the street at times tottaly ignoring us…Etc.
Well they do, but not in the same way. …


Stumping your toe of the bed leg.


The need to sleep. So much to do, so little time!


Sleep is unconscious astral projection. I never liked sleep either,but I like being able to visit the other realms even if I am not aware.


Tbh using the bathroom is a big inconvenience lol. That and aches, pains, and feeling tired gotta be somewhere up in the top of my complaints.


Good point!! I had a friend tell me that I met with him frequently. I told him I left my body every night because my life here was so stifling. I apparently found it funny that I never remembered when I woke up. I guess sleep is when I’m free. So maybe I should take that statement back lol. I just gotta work on that remembering part.


That is the hardest part for many people. I struggle with remembering dreams too. I have not remembered a dream since I was about 5 or 6 years old.


That’s what I was going to say. We could get so much more done if we didn’t require sleep.


Light bulb…Maybe we should ask our demon companions for help in that area lol.


Pain, disfigurement, loss of extremity use, debilitating diseases.

The rest isn’t so bad compared to that imho. Sure, I hate the fact I was spontaneously created without giving permission to exist but I now exist… (shrugs).


Having to spend money on everything that is required to live. Having a physical body can be quite expensive.


That would be great if there was a way around it.