What do you think happens to serial killers after they die?

A lot of times the christian point of view automatically says that these people would head straight to Hell for what they committed to. I want to get the opinions from those on the magical side of things. What do you guys think? Do you believe they would go straight to reincarnation? Linger in thr spirit world? Be punished some way, etc?

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Me personally believe in a warriors code they will die horrible and dishonorably in the next life repeatedly until their killings accounted for. Sacrifice must be given to an entity and sought from that entity and accepted by that entity for it to be acceptable but also the person taking that life must realize that he is part of that sacrifice and returning and paying the boatman is part of that.


It depends on many things I think. Everyone has his own karma, own past lives and so on. Every single actions has put weight on that sheet or took away which will form the person’s future reincarnations. Because of this, it is hard to say anything with complete conviction about what will happen with these serial killers after they die, because these are speculations and every single one of us have our own history.

They have a chance to lose their future opportunity to reincarnate, and they have to spend countless years in lower dimensions before they can own a material body; from the most primivite forms at the beginning again. They also have a chance to get a horrible life, where they will ended up as a victim of an another tragedy (of course, there is no insurance they’ll have a human body).


Whatever they believe will happen to them, whatever they want to happen to them, death has no morals, now if they were christian then they’d face punishment, if they were followers of any of the pantheons then they give those God’s judgement over them, otherwise what happens to them is entirely up to their views.


Same as everybody else. It makes no difference because outside this field of polarity good and bad don’t exist. It doesn’t matter, it was all just experience.


I had a past life as a serial killer where I only killed women because they reminded me of this woman who I hated so badly, so to me all those women were just the same, my “calling card” was I beheaded them which in the end of that life I died by being beheaded myself, I chose to not reincarnate after that just went back to my duties prior to reincarnation, then chose to reincarnate again into my current family as my mom’s great uncle (ironically and now as my mom’s son lol)


There was somebody i knew where in his past lives he killed people. And in this life, earlier this year he killed again and is in prison now. Some spirits just dont learn smh.


I don’t believe in Karma because the doctrine of Karma has been used to justify a snobby attitude towards the less fortunant for centuries if not thousands of years. As in well “those” people must have done something horrible in their last life to be born in to poverty. So I don’t see Karma as doing anything. I tend to think they will have to experience all the pain they caused from every one of their victims perspective. I would like to think they won’t get away with it.


Lmao do what you love no matter the life I suppose xD


They turn to dust, and will hopefully live a second life–however vague–through some bastard’s necromancy.

There’s just no verifiable evidence to believe something like reincarnation exists, as if the universe runs on this point system. I wouldn’t confuse the ability tap into our collective consciousness for evidence of reincarnation and past lives; whereas those experiences stemming from shared genetic memories seems a hell of a lot more plausible.


At least partly I’m quite a moralist, but I feel as true those esoteric currents affirming that, with death, each element of a being returns to its principle. Or (Hermetic point of view) the soul becomes a seed.
In ancient times there was the saying that someone may even be an Epaminondas but, if not initiate, his/her fate will be like that of everyone else. Then again, some parts may survive longer than others or a survivance is possible if life was devoted to a certain cause. And naturally, for what is known, there may actually be reincarnation or heaven/hell.
Serial killers tend to be somewhat insane, so the bummer for them is that (generally) initiation isn’t a psychotherapy, but its point of start is rather an healthy individual.

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do you believe in a soul?


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so if someone took their soul and bound it to a new human body is that not another reincarceration/incarnation?

To me this is not about karma as people understand it as it is about the energy you take with and make yourself with.

Sometimes I think my wife was a serial killer in a past life, with as much investigation discovery that she watches, it’s hard to tell.


I don’t think anything horrible happens to serial killers. They die like everyone else. Remember we live in a world with “man made” rules and laws that have changed over time. The “universe” does not abide by man made rules and laws. Example: So, what happened to all those indigenous warriors or priest who performed human sacrifices (Aztecs 1345-1521 CE)? Were they punished after they died? I think not.
But, if they would have been performing human sacrifices in 2019, they would have been considered cult members, murderers, etc.

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I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe they’re binding pieces of themselves (thoughtforms or otherwise) that came from their “soul”, but this isn’t someone living a brand new life through another’s body.

The new body is likely being imbued with that old someone’s likeness and not the entirety of their essence, which doesn’t fit the criteria for reincarnation.

Maybe we go to a river of creation where the rest of the souls that ever existed have been dissolved.
Then it dissolves our core, mix it with the rest (which also involves uniting with the collective consciousness), to then be reconstructed again as a new “soul” formed by millions of pieces from previous souls.

This act would trigger certain memories from different people in a measurable manner (like people who “remember” past lives whose timeline actually overlaps, which discards the theory of reincarnation) as well as other matters related to being connected to the collective consciousness.

If you add the relativity of time, space, overlapping potential multiverses and planes, you probably could get an accurate picture of a very likely event.


We were calling just random spirits with this friend of mine and this guy Chikatilo came forward, he told us very creepy stuff, we didn’t know who he was until we googled him later, he just remained being the same for now, I think he will reincarnate whenever he feels like it, that time he seemed to be still hooked with the things he did here.

We talked to another guy one other time who said he was a vampire and could help us become vampires too, we googled him and he was some killer who thought he was a vampire, I don’t remember his name, so he still is that same person, so to speak.

I guess when you want another go you come back, just like everyone else.

I didn’t see them myself like Rungr here, but I was told I did my share of killings a few lifes ago as well.