What do you think about this video?

Video spoken in English

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Well, he says it most accurately.

a lot of spiritual endovers are corrupted into War policy.
Aswell, he’s true about the “unknown” future.

However, he misinterprets one huge point:
He believes, he would be free from believe.

He says vary clearly “We” recreate the mental states and expieriences the Guru’s described to us.
He says that line, including himself.
Also pointing very clearly to the Origin:
Through Thought. (With Toth)

So he does acknowledge, that the process of thinking is a mass-phenomen,
and also that it is influenced by the Guru’s giving the rest of the world a source of topics, questions, and Answers.
And he claims, that due to that new arising of Questions, after Answers has been found,
there are markets built, yet in his explenation this is considered a bad thing.

Now to revert that:
Without coming up with questions, seeking answers and by that revealing more questions, which follow up on the original curiosity - We wouldn’t just have no Spirituality.
We would indeed, have no higher Mental functioning AT ALL,
as we wouldn’t have any science eather.
He does wear cloth.
He speaks educated.
In that sense, he is just as dabbling as any of us, when we questioned our original religion ( for most here i guess that’s christianity, however, i explained it before, the other religions do have similar levels and layors of perception being advanced as you go “down the rabbit hole” and seek to understand better.

In a sense, he very clearly aproves a statement E.A. said long time ago:
"I believe, we BLACK Magicians are the reason the Universe Expands."
The statement of creation of markets, is very clearly inicating that to be true.

He thinks a Government without Religion would be an alternative, and that would be easily achievable by releasing Drugs to the public.

However, the Government first and foremost works on keeping some of these Drugs away from children.
The Government also works heavily on educating children into a system where they can choose what to believe in, and who to follow.
They aswell, work a SHITLOAD of the stuff that Guru’s and colaberations of Thinking are pulling out,
into actual society.

Here in Germany, we have a Section called “Hell’s Angels”, together with other Clubs, they DO stand for individuality.
Many other groups work around their buisnesses.

They’re feared and respected at the same time.
Holding as much power as the Government,
in many areas even more power then the Government.
I haven’t found any of those calling themselves a Guru.

So much from me, acording the Video.

Happily looking forward to read other opinions at the topic aswell.

Just to share that again, more clearly:
I had a time where i DEEPLY believed, that the Islam was my main Enemy, as i thought they are incapable of the Advancements in Technology we do here in Germany, and would come over just to stop us and block our way.
Then, i worked through my believes, and got forward, to better and deeper understanding.
I have a completly different mindset on that topic by now.

I’ve met real Muslems, talking about finding Hand-written Stones here in Germany, in their native language, Several Hundrets of years old.
I still don’t like them being so mixed into our current economy, as they directly oppose a few of our base principes.
But i have to accept, that our society worked together with theirs, much longer then i was ready or willing to believe.

The famous Albert Einstein, worked at a Patent Office.
Seeing thousands of Idea’s and machines and tools, being created, presented, and eather accepted as new, or refused and restricted.
He was taken away from Germany, put under Military Enslavement in the US.
There, his huge amount of knowledge had saved his personal life.
As he was such useful to advance weapon technology,
up to standards which just weren’t accessable back then, in that Country.
Military is usually the first to run advancement of both Science and Technology.

I refered to that a couple of times, when i was talking about Healing and how it evolves.

In order to repair something, it needs to be broken first.
Similar, in order to heal, Damage haves to be there, which then can be removed.

In Sports we call that “Training”, destroying Muscles on a very tiny scale, and letting them be rebuilt.
The rebuilding needs rest and nutrition.

The more adequate the nutrition is, and the more deeply the rest actually allows the Body to repair,
the more successful the Training can become.

So yeah. Spirituality can be a target, and to some degree it makes complete sense to say "Oh that’s Shit."
Yet, the person speaking out against something the loudest, most often, is in desperate need of what he fights against.

There i come to the point of Self-Murdery.
People who truely understand the generic mechanisms, and how stupid we are, in repeating the same general behaviors countless times, of course they do come to an understanding, that questions life.
Those are usualy the persons that change something.
When seeing that the changes do apply, and are still missused by others, to enforce the issues that it was supposed to solve, more and more it bitters the Heart of the person actually wanting to change something about it.

(i refered to that once, where i was asked if a certain spell would work or not. It certainly does. as it’s being made to work. :wink: )

So yeah.

Sorry, now it got quite lengthy. :wink:

My upmost respect for anyone who reads through all of it. :smile:



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