What Do You Think A God Is And About Apotheosis?

As The Title Suggest What Do You Think A God is And how Do You think Someone can reach the apotheosis state/godhood

(I Believe that it is Possible for someone to Reach Godhood ‘I Believe that it is the next step after being a human something like ascension’ Also Called Apotheosis (So I believe its possible but not Anyone can reach it ‘True Godhood’ ) ‘A god is like A Being with a lot of energy a massive amount of souls concentrated into one being that s why most gods need worship, there s other ways to harvest it but the easiest is through worship’ ) I also believe that the stars in our nowadays society are trying o reach godhood by amassing energy from the fans…the more energy they have the more their soul evolve the more their soul evolve the closer they are to being a god/a higher being

that s what I believe from my experiences and research Anyway

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Do some research on this forum, I think you’ll fit in :wink: