What do you see

Let me know what you guys see here please

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Something big and round, looked like an elephant kind of size but spinning like Yin & Yang, in front of the V shaped trees to the left of the image.

The impression of bulk, and power, and maybe a bit like a fetus still curled in the womb.

There seem to be kind of sparks flying outwards from it, long thin diamond-like shapes.

Dunno if that’s anything useful?


Nothing useful, but the photo seems to warp near the top of the left tree in the v.

I see the round spot @Lady_Eva is taking about. Its lighter in that area

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I feel like there’s something big in between the edge of the table and the trees behind it.

I see a bunch of different sigils in the tree branches all the branches different types of symbols in the trees

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Maybe I’m seeing things because I’m tired, but it kind of looks like a face to the left of the base of the left tree. Two eyes with notable pupils/centers and a shit eating grin. What were you up to, lol?


It’s looking at whoever took the picture.


I believe it’s a shadow person that’s been messing with me. Dude was fine and just chilled until I started talking shit about him XD

Dude gave me scratches and shit


Do you see the shadow in this picture? If do, where at?

This is what i got too.

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Wow I actually see what your talking about

I just double checked because I am now awake again and well rested, also the the sun is up and giving me different lighting. It still looks like a face to me.

Are we seeing the same thing? If not, what and where are you seeing? It does not look friendly.

Yea I seen the face you were talking about when I toke the picture I originally thought it was Belial but after looking at it I got a really ominous feeling.

Just was wondering on your guises thoughts

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I showed this photo to my mate a few minutes ago and her jaw hit the floor. If you want to hear a short, real life horror story then PM me. If you want the quick version then I will leave it at this: you need to get rid of that thing immediately. I’m not one for fear mongering, but I have good cause in this case. It’s not Belial.


I see a creature with a coneshaped head and big eyes staring at the camera it’s Alain standing behind the table looking kind of annoyed

Update: is there anything different this time?

Whatever it was changed places

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That’s interesting.

How long has he been messing with you?

And why did you start talking shit?