What do you see?

When you look at my Aura, what do you see or feel?

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It feels very cleansed…alot of bright colors I’m seeing alot of pink and bright blue


What about mine?

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How do you get to look at someones aura without knowing who they are or what they look like? What does it take to get to this point?

I had my aura done by one of those machines before. The person operating it said that they haven’t seen one like it before. I have always wondered what she ment by that. I saw the photo so i know what it looked like she gave me a little detaile, but because it was only a demonstration I didn’t get the full reading.

That’s interesting. What kind of machine does this?

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Unfortunately It was 10 pluss years ago so I can’t remember the name of the machine. I can tell you it was a simple setup with something that looked like a giant mouse with copper or brass inlays to rest your hand on, that was conected to a computer/laptop.

If I remember correctly it had somthing to do with biometrics.

Oh and aparantly it could show a chart of my charas and show what ones I had blockages in.

Was a little skeptical, but who knows.

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From what little knowledge I had back then. (I had just really started to dive into practiceing at that time) Aparantly what she saw she had heard of referenced in book and what I picked up was, it was rare or very rare.

So yeah if any want to give a shot on me. Feel free, afterwards I’ll give a bit more detail. Maybe you all can help me figure it out.:blush: