What do You See? Strange Stream Coming Towards me in Videos

Hi everyone, I would be grateful for some opinions on this. I went to take a shower this morning but I sat down in the shower for a moment to gather my thoughts. The bathroom was only lit by a night light. I was there contemplating certain things for around 10 minutes when I realized suddenly that there was a stream of tiny white objects almost insect-like in a way swarming towards me in a steady stream. I got up, went for my phone and took a few short vids and a pic. The fact that there is a sound in the video is also disturbing as the bathroom is deathly quiet. If you look closely in the videos you will see the stream. I have never observed anything like this but I do not have a spirit of fear surrounding it. Oh when I got up for the phone and sat back down I did not immediately see the stream it’s almost as if it is following me.

I did speak to this swarm and said to it “Positive energy come forth to me”

After I showered I need a protection ritual and a purification activity.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.



I just realized the vids aren’t playing so here goes again

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So I can definitely see movement during the vids I also seen alot o faces when I looked at the first two images, so if you play around with your filters alot obthe time the image of the beings start to show better.

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In the video that’s ten seconds there’s a spirit that a little over half of his head is over the far left rug he’s on the left of the Matt takes up about a third o the mat. Most of it’s heads shape is made with the vinel but I can see the shape continuing into the matt. Next time it happens run for an incent lol. I’ve also found that it’s easier or me to see the stuff happening and to get there energy on picture with less light like if you were to just hold a lighter out into the dark, I’ve noticed that the spirit tends to leave a lueish purple color in pictures that way that can easily be isolated using filters.

Also when using a phone it seems like the spirit part of the pic will pop out if you tilt your phone almost flat where the colors seem to mess up, the entire area that I seen moving seemed to stand out a bit doing that.

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Thanks so much for replying and suggesting that I use filters so I can see the activity better!

No problem also the basic night vision apps tend to help a bit too in seeing the manafestations. I’m not sure if mblady will let me take pictures o her last time I asked she nodded her head no so I haven’t really done any pictures in a while.

So if you practice "scrying"into a mirror it can help open your sight to seeing manafestations, there’s another image inside those pictures just waiting to be seen I just haven’t really been focusing my eyes that way recently but should it would benefit me on a daily basis.

So this was the first time you’ve seen a manafestation correct?
I’ve noticed that it looks like there is matter swirling around the entire area of a spirit when they manafest the stronger the manafest the more visable the moving pieces. Me seeing multiple faces might just be me cause I tend to see alot of faces in things alot o people see different stuff then each other too, what to air for is one image that takes up the whole of the manafestation.
Have you ever given a phychic scan befor? If you have you can offer to trade a scan with someone if they will scan your photo and see what vision they get.

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In the very first video you sent that’s now a picture I can see alot of the blueish energy for a spirit on the right side of the image try doing the phone tilt trick I showed you. Anything that stands out that way typically gets isolated in the filters so you might wanna maybe re-save the image from here and try.
I’m still trying o get a clear image to come through but haven’t really nothing at least that is the size of the manafestation. The more I look at this though the more I want to take pictures of my succubus lol.

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Exactly there is a swirl or a swarm. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I went in the same spot around the same time and saw nothing today. I really think I’m going to ask for a scan in the scanning thread. I was able to see a face near to the furthest rug just like what you said. I did not notice it before you said it thanks for that. I played around with a few filters but did not see any new faces but I the time to use a more powerful desktop application because today was hectic. I will do it tomorrow. I really thank you for replying because I haven’t been able to talk to anyone else about this. I’m wondering if this is a good sign or bad sign. What does this swarm really mean and the intensity is striking. I mean did you hear the sound.

Yes this is first time I’m seeing a manifestation. I have to pushing to the back of my head thoughts that it seems I may be dabbling in too many things and maybe this is what all the Christians talk about unsavory spirits infesting people who are into the occult.

[email protected] making u want to take pics of yours you sound excited

So I’d take it as a good sighn once again the swarm look is the spirit the energy inside it’s form swarms around I thought there might of been two spirits but I dunno.
No problem about replying I’m glad to I teract with you too. I have no clue what to think about the mouse other then maybe play the recording into a ghost speak recognized maybe it will be able to figure out the words but be carful when downloading it read carefully to make sure it doesn’t just randomly say words for novelty purposes I hate those apps. I definitely Hurd the buzzing noice I don’t really know what else to say besides they were trying to talk. I’d definitely take it as a good sighn you had interaction with a manafested spirit and nothing bad happened that’s a plus in my book. Lol don’t get all scared lol spirits interact with everyone that is awoke basically that’s why Christian’s just tend to keep there flock asleep so they never talk to spirits if you don’t wake up this way you’d never be able to talk to an angel how could beinbawake be bad if you need it to interact with the Divine spirits?

So we tried to do some pics but nothing really came out maybe I could have seen more into it but my eyes sent as good as they used to be about seeing the true image withing a picture . The best spirit pic I had in the past appeared on my phone all on its own when I go the image to open I seen a man and a women facing each other holding each other’s hands. If you want to have fun seiing faces and dragons and angels and all that good kind of stuff go in a pitch black room shine a flash light straight up the breath smoke Into the light and take the picture it’s nuts how many how many different images are there like wow I really have this big of an audience. I’d you take the picture so you can see your face in the image Alo of the time your face is warped from the spiritual presence they tend to want to be part of the fun.

@vaynord Hey :wave: I think I’ll take it as a good sign too. True nothing bad has happened to me. I’m extremely stressed out right now though so much going on where finances and business are concerned. Maybe the swarm is working to help me out :slight_smile:

Gonna try and pic trick in the dark room you seem to have a knack for picture analysis you have given me a lot of great suggestions. I also wonder if why you didn’t see yours is not so much because of your eyes but that you need to do some meditations and do some burnt offerings aka incense etc to appeal to them for them to appear. Before I saw that swarm I had just concluded some general spiritual work. The previous day I had done a goetic ritual too.

I feel like I need more skill and knowledge to control spirits so that I can have less obstacles. You have some ppl commanding swarms, legions etc and becoming millionaires. We need to master that aspect of the craft.

Well thanx for accepting the advise I definitely agree that if you did the formalities and pleasentries you’d have alot better chance of having them reveal there image to you.

Would be nice to control as you say right now I’m just working with them all that my energy can reach about becomeing a muse trying to make sure I’m growing and projecting good energy with good effects to everyone I had great visuals while working on this like the spirits loved the idea and how it felt and while I was more open slash receptive yesterday beforbi ended up getting tired I could feel the inkux of joy that was created from the joy I brought to other was channeling that Into stregthening the effect I even see myself on a stage befor thousands of people a few different times like they were using my muse ability for a concert was awesome about that. Being a muse makes me feel better about the idea of my own existence so I need to make sure I continue working at it.

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I can’t watch it, as it won’t play

Hi I uploaded them on a new site here goes



WhatsApp Video 2020-06-15 at 12.18.36 from Sailing Sailing on Vimeo.

@vaynord So I did a st. expedite candle spell today that I saw on this site. Now I know I am not the only one that sees a clear scary looking face that the flame left on the tile and the candle wax I can see two hands clasped. Other things are going on in the wax that I can’t make out.