What do you see in these pictures I took after evoking Lilith


I did a small ritual tonight, simply doing a few chants, saying a few prayers in honour of Lilith and then I lit a small candle and done an evocation of her. My main reason for doing it was due to the fact I wanted to try communicating with her properly, through the tarot or my crystal ball. I felt her presence really strong and decided to take a few pictures, am I just make a big deal out of the candle flames flicker? What can use see?

There’s a few others too, let me know what use think.


I see a spooky ghost :o oooo spooky.

But no in all seriousness, I just see a very vibrant room, could be from the camera or the candle but it could also be the environment of the room. Not really sure.

I don’t really see anything paranormal exactly except for maybe in the lens flare in the last picture but the others just seem to have a very vibrant aura around the candle and the camera is picking up on the visuals very well.


Cool thanks, I’m happy with a vibrant aura :blush:


She’s there her energy which is purple seems to gravitate between the silver thing and candle forming the image of a metallic owl staring back with red eyes.


The Owl is a statue that I blessed to stand as a symbol/representation of Lilith but I do see the strong aura of purple, hints of red and a dark blue radiating around the owl, candle and figure of a lion


I see traces of a lilac/pink too


I don’t have the sight but I’m clairsentant and you can definitely feel her a sexy energy


The last pic she’s around the owl


Thank you


That is awesome!!


That’s pretty cool! You definitely know her presence is there.