What do you need familiars for?

What could they provide for you?

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Guidance, friendship, etc. However, not all guides are permanent or the only one.


Familiars help you with your magick.

They can do anything from augmenting your magick, to teaching you specific techniques, to acting like a fetch. It all depends on the type of familiar.

Traditionally, familiars were given to the magician from the spirits, and so they would possess the abilities of whichever spirit they served under. For example, a familiar under Belial would generally be able to help the magician with the same type of things Belial can be called for.


Mine help with sensing what is around me, communication, spell work, protect me and make sure who is around me is good and isn’t toxic. I wish I listened to them more often.

Also my family has less nightmares now.