What do you make of Krishna coming back as an avatar of god?

What do you guys think of krishna taking birth as an avatar?

Is he actually the supream god or have hindus been used to give him energy?

Different faiths have their own supreme being(s) it’s no more right or wrong than the other tbh.


I think it all depends on how you look at this question. If from the point of view of the followers of Krishnaism, then he is the supreme god. If from the point of view of other religious movements prevailing in India (and not only), then the situation will be different. I agree with @anon48079295 that every religion has its own supreme god, and only each person decides for himself in which religious paradigm to exist or not.


In the Bhagavadgita, Krishna declares that by worshipping other deities actually He’s the one being worshipped. There are also aspects involved with who is the Supreme one, for example that “story” about Shiva revealing that He meditates on Vishnu, while Vishnu is meditating on Shiva… The latter also seems the closest god to an esotericism i.e. going beyond religion, although there is a Vaishnavite esotericism too.


Krishna is already an avatar of Vishnu.


Krishna isn’t coming back, he was a human and now he is dead. In fact he died thousands of years ago. However, he was an avatar of Vishnu and his next avatar, Kalki, is slated to arrive at the end of the Kali Yuga, when he will slaughter all of the unrighteous and wicked, riding a white horse. Supposedly, this will restore balance to the world and start a new golden age.

When this will happen is anybody’s guess, but it is likely quite a long time away still. According to traditional Hindu scholars this may be tens of thousands of years away.


i get the feeling some people didnt understand the question.
Maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think he/she is saying Khrisna is coming back.
For what i gather the question meant to be:
“was Khrisna a real incarnation of “God” (Vishnu) or people have just being deceived into giving this being energy through believe and worship and so on?”


Both. The form worshipped by the Hare Krishna faith is an egregore while there is an actually deity Krishna.

Krsna, is the first ‘Narayan’ out of nine (although he incarnated 8th in line) , that come directly from Maha Vishnu. The Vishnu that OP is speaking about is different from MahaVishnu.

He is talking about Vishnu, that is the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Each galaxy has its own Trinity.

Krsna is considered the supreme because out of the nine Narayan’s, he is the only one that was a complete Incarnation of MahaVishnu.

As someone mentioned, the ISKCON cult maybe feeding an egregore.