What do you love about magick?

for me not only i got the things that i wished on the past to get,easily and sometimes a bit of work,thats a thing that i am thankfull for,and i finded my self with it thats a thing that i am again thankful for,but the thing that i LOVE is clearing mistakes finding them…fixing…i love the mistery of it!and i love expiriementing with it!like i add tons of incantations! on ritual to see what happen!yester day i did a spell for someone to dm me on istagram and i didnt just put the intetion to,i am looking for a more powerful way and faster way,i focused on my zeal chakra i think i did the thing that i wanted wrong tho,but that might work or not,if it doesnt work in 1 week well i will again try it,i really love to learn and put things to work!i love expirimencing!

what do you guys love about magick?