What do you feel and sense from this if anything

ok I saw a similar thread to what I am asking but did not get any feedback. I am very interested in what you guys feel and sense from this item. It is very old and has beem around a long time. Not 1,000s of years but it is old. All real feedback is welcome and encouraged thanks guys! * Gals! :smiley:

It took me a minute to even get this on here. My internet kept messing up when I wanted to post it. I had some spirits around me maybe they didnt want me to idk they didnt tell mo not to though…Not that I can always hear them anyway haha

Anyone else feel free to post your stuff on here… But after I get my feedback!!! hehehehe:grinning:


Nice item, very beautiful!^^
Well, me, i feel nothing, just tinglings in the tip of my fingers, but all metals do that to me!
Maybe someone else can feel something else?

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I feel protected shielded from anything negative.


Seems like the Emblem of an Ancient Solar Godess :thinking:


Really thats awesome! before I took this picture I attempted to evoke michael and asked him to bless this so that I would be protected in general and from all negativity. I always have it in my wallet. I also tried to push my own energy into it as well.( not sure if it worked or not) I honestly have no clue how to energy work but I strongly believe in energy work and most of the time an feel energy pulsating out of my hands. More so in certain moments and in meditation. If anyone knows anything about energy work for beginners on here let me know, I honestly haven’t used the search bar yet on this so I still have to search it.

Im happy you felt something i really am.

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