What do you do with the Shem angels and angel emissaries in the demons of magick book by Gordon winterfield

Idk what to make of it. Mentioning them? Prayer? Each demon has got a Shem angel restraining them and angelic emissaries

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What do you mean “what do you do with them?” They are merely the guiding hands for the demons. Think of it like they provide the framework and the demon does the actual building of the desired result.

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So I don’t need to say: I call upon the Shem angel and angelic emissaries to keep this demon restrained and aid them? I don’t even know what to do with the sigil

Sorry my WiFi is really bad it keeps the e-book point blank and I see no information

No, they already know why you are invoking them, when you gaze at their seals within the larger sigil. Just follow the instructions in the chapter on the Core Ritual. It directly says that no request or instruction is made to the Shem angel. They are invoked when you visually scan their seals and speak their name, and psalm.