What do you do with ritual materials?

Firstly, your offerings. If I offer wine what do I do with it after my ritual. Can I just pour it down the sink?

Second, things like incense and candles. If I want to communicate to the same entity again can I use candles and incense from a previous ritual? Assuming that they will only be used for this specific entity alone.

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Drink it, your experiences is the offer.What can a spirit do if you just flush it away?



Please use the search function. There are many threads already that answer that question.

Yes, that is fine. Most people will use the same candles and the same incense for every entity. The only time they don’t is if the candles or incense have been consecrated for a specific entity only.

For example, I have black candles that I use for every ritual, but I have two white candles that I only burn for King Paimon.


If I don’t invite the entity/entities to consume it through me, I return it to the Earth. I do my stuff outside, so this is relatively easy. Candle stuff gets tossed, but I usually offer liquids of different types, maybe some food or fruit. These are offered and I move the food items away from the house to be consumed by the wildlife. I don’t offer anything dangerous to the wildlife, but if I did, I would dispose of it in the garbage.

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You can drink the wine , do what you think is best with the rest, yes you can use ritual tools from the previous tools , most people cannot waste large amounts of money constantly buying new candles and incense etc depending on the cost