What do you do when divinations show bad omens?

I was thinking about this today and was curious. I normally try to do a ritual or evoke a spirit and also try to find mundane solutions as it is my impression that the future isn’t set in stone.

Step 1: Find the cause of the obstacle.

Step 2: Remove it.

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^ Wot he sez, also, Step 0: Figure out how much I really want the outcome, and whether it’s worth the fuss.

Am I repeating a pattern from the past that won’t help me grow, but will only crystallise set ideas or beliefs, limiting me in some way? Am I set on this to avoid some alternate path of growth into power? And so on.

If the answer is still “But I WAAAAAANT it!” then I’ll move heaven and earth to get it, and deal with any opposition as it lands. Sometimes you just have to say Fuck It (the sacred mantra) and press on. :slight_smile:

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When that happens,f run for the hills and pray.