What do you do in times of feeling lost and helpless?

What I have been feeling lately, would appreciate some insights.


find a purpose, solidify my resolve, and bore my way through.

Don’t really know any other way to put it.


There are no easy answers.

Purpose. Truth. Vision.

Until you figure out what those mean to you, take things one step at a time and find the will to live, because there will be things worth living for if you care about your future.

Ground yourself in the present, understand that all things die, and let go enough to realize that sometimes moments like these are necessary to reorient yourself.

You never know what you find if you keep searching and don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t look for the answers out there, look for them in yourself. Your mind can figure it out.


Learn from it. See what obstacles are in front of you destroy them


1.) Feel sorry for myself for a while and embrace and accept the negative emotions. 2.)Then I dig deep. I conduct divination, consult my spiritual allies, and begin laying the ground work for action via magick. I also try and find slivers of happiness. These could be watching a show I like, reefer, my friends and family, appreciating nature, anything that raises my emotional state. 3.) Lastly, I move on and make an effort to think positively. I know people say that a lot and that it’s basically pounded into our heads. But it works. If you think positively, believe in yourself, expand your knowledge, and TRY, you are already half way to improving your life which is much easier because we have magick!


I’m not gonna give you spiritual advice.

I talk. To friends, family, anyone. I speak my mind. I release all the shit I feel.

No matter what else I do, be it gaming, music, working out, or whatever, I always always talk.


Look back at how far I’ve come. No matter what you’re facing you always think it’s the worst. But you get through. Perception clouds ability to see your strength. I remind myself I’ve been through worse and I’ve felt worse.


Utilize it, through whatever means available.

Times of strife are times of growth.


I pet a kitty


Sometimes I sit down and take a deep breath. I let myself be still for a minute or two, then I hold my left hand up and look at my palm and say something like, “I’m not doing anything crazy or stupid right now. I’m just sitting here looking at my hand. That’s a perfectly sane and harmless thing to do.”

I let that sink in a little, then I imagine a bubble surrounding me. This is my bubble of sanity. Everyone inside this bubble is okay. There is nothing bad happening inside this bubble.

Then I get up, go about my day, and try to keep crazy shit from getting in my bubble.


I have a punching bag outback for those days.

I recommend a work out schedule. Nothing intense but moderate excersize, just taking a walk a few days a week, getting fresh air and sunshine, will do wonders for the mental health. We weren’t made to stay shut up indoors as much as most of us are nowadays.


I meditate on those particular feelings till they fade away with tears in my eyes. At one time when I wasn’t aware about any meditation I used to turn it into a meloncholy type of romantic feeling, complaining to existence in a soft tone how fucked up it is. Feels good.


Take a break and search for your true will.


Find out what needs to be done to resolve the situation.

Then simply persist. Other people can listen, and respond, and it may help. But I just weather whatever is thrown my way. Like a mountain thats eroded by rain and wind, things will take their toll. But like that mountain, youll stay standing


Depends on why you feel that way. As soon as I get back to my home state and get health insurance again, I will be pursuing psychiatric therapy.
Read some books @Lady_Eva has recommended (already reading one as soon as I can calm the fuck down from today).
In between pursue meditation.

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When I feel lost and helpless, I just lie in bed, close my eyes, contemplate the thoughts that worries me and shut all of it off entirely. Then I let the energies of my spirits surrounding me, interact with them and find the strength and courage to fight another day. For me, my problems have, with time, sorted itself out in one way or the other.

The inner dialogue is of importance, as I see it. Repressing it doesn’t make your stronger. It just halt the inevitable. You can’t solve the problem if it’s blocking the solution. And sometimes, it’s all about letting things run it’s course to get up on our feet again.