What do you do for pre immersion and building energy prior to evocation?

I believe this might be where I’m failing the most.

I’ll mediate for 10-15 minutes but that’s about it .

Honestly half the time I evoke to ask for something I feel like I don’t have enough intent built up and that i could care less if I get what I want ( sounds weird but I’m used to not having much)

I need to spend more time practicing raising energy and intent before or during ritual

What do you guys do when it comes to this stuff ?


Eat, stretch, hit my muscles and chakras (its transferring the force and energy into those areas), shower (while in the shower i vocalize different cleansing affirmations, like i wash away all doubt, i was away all the filth etc, extreme hot and then extreme cold), brush my teeth and then its away i go to summon. I also move in trance to build more energy while performing the ritual.


@username666 A complete warm shower with soap and everything. Listening to music. Letting go of all problems of the normal life and then putting on the cloak and hood and letting everything except the magick go. Then hitting my altar three times with the pommel of my athme before I start working.

Clean the ritual area, shower, dress formally as if I am welcoming an important guest, prepare the offerings and incense by hand, set up the altar, cleanse the space, read over journal entries reminding myself why I am doing the ritual, knock on my wall to mark the ritual is beginning, play ambient music that seems right and mediate on my desire prior to actually starting opening the three gates (fire, blood, and smoke) and barriers for imposters for evocation.

Overall, it is a long process but works well for me. For some spirits, I actually lengthen the process for as long as a month by making candles, carvings, more complex incense and mediating on sigils/names to start the process of reaching out. It all depends on what I feel is necessary.

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I set out my circle, get into trance, and summon.

That’s about it. lol