What do u think this means? My last spell!

So a week ago I had a bad falling out with a girl I’ve been trying to be with that I hooked up with before… I told her not to talk to me anymore because she kept trying to use me for rides places but didnt want to be intimate anymore and had been being rude… So at work a person told me she likes the way things are now and didn’t want to talk to me… So I did a love spell with Lucifer and burnt a candle and my request on paper on the candle… Parts of the paper burned for 15 minutes in the candle wax creating 3 flames. 2 paper flames and the wick… The flames would come together and separate on occasion. And the flame of the candle would get really big… Towards the end after the paper went out I put out the wick… The candle burnt differently then id ever seen during my spells… … Afterwards I felt very confident… Then I had a dream that night that I was having successes with different women that I had failed with (she wasnt in this dream if I recall correctly)… The next time I saw her she said I could talk to her if I wanted and I told her I unblocked her number and she said she didnt want things to be akward between us. But she still hasnt added me back on social media and stuff… But then last night I had a dream that me and her were running from this man trying to hurt us and we evaded all his attacks and obstacles and then made it to a safe place and started doing sexual stuff and she was nice to me… Anyone have any thoughts?