What do these apparitions mean?

In my ongoing efforts to manifest my patron demon, President Marbas, as a stable visible apparition, I’ve made a lot of progress over the last few days. But I haven’t had much experience interpreting visions in smoke, and so I want to get some outside opinions on what these mean. For reference, this is in the context of a month-long nightly ritual which will culminate in a larger ritual on Halloween during the full moon, again to manifest Marbas.

Firstly, I saw something odd but very clear in the smoke a few days ago. It was a disembodied ear floating in the air, and was quite stable, lasting for 5 frames in my video. What does it symbolize? What could it mean? It feels important, and it must take a lot of energy to form a manifestation like that. Here it is:

Even more interestingly, tonight I saw something extremely strange - a clear figure in the smoke. To make things even weirder, to me it somewhat resembles the film portrayal of Lord Voldemort. Here is the apparition. Do you guys think this is Marbas in an atypical form, or another spirit that came?

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