What do the gods of Greek and Norse myth think of the video game franchise: God of war?

I was unsure, where too put this since I am still a newbie. I had been curious what Gods and Goddesses, of Greek myth like Zeus or Aphrodite or Norse like Thor’s sons, Freya, and etc think of the video game franchise: God of war. It does targets them, especially since the main video game character Kratos doesn’t like them after what Ares did too him, and his first family. Now, in the newer game it focuses on the Norses gods and all about there myths and legends. Though, Freya son whom can only be hurt by mistletoe (i forgot his name) does attack Kratos in the beginning of the game.

What are your thoughts about this? I have never played the games, but known about them and watched Jacksepticeye playthrough of the new recent one. That, and Overly sarcastic production thoughts about the series since they talk about myths and legends.

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Honestly I dont think they really give to craps about it. If anything else its free advertisement you could debate about what they think about the old storys that were written about them. In the old storys zeus is a womanizing rapist, but the real god zeus can be completly different.