What do the Fairies have to say to you 4 on card pulls (0/4)

After having some very Mischievous Fae mess with my out door fairy altar. I am feeling compelled to pull some cards for the forum. It will just be one card opened to 4 people.

You can ask a question or just get a general message.

Thank a wonderful middle of the week :grin:


No DMs these will be ignored

First come first serve

I may or may not open this up to more after I do the first two pulls.

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Yes please - just general message :). Thank you!

Can I have one ?
One person forgot my debt to him after I performed a ritual for a financial matter with King paimon !
Did King paimon do that ?

I’m in!

General reading, please?

General reading?:grin:

What should I do to have an awesome year Financially?

I know you’ve already hit your stated four, but if you’re willing, could you draw an extra one for me?

I’m curious if the Fae have a message for me.

You’re in I am going to cut it off here. And close the thread while I pull the cards and with everything up.

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@Thierry007 @Muggie @ArtSoul @DarkestKnight @ReyCuervo @Runeblade I am going to leave this locked until I get all 6 readings posted and then I will open it up for you’ll to comment. This way I can get ya’ll done before anyone else posts looking for another reading.


Update for everyone I am battling Covid and it’s kick my Lungs ass. I did get all the cards pulled and in my notebook. I just have to translate and type it up when I am well enough to do so. I might do a slow post of these. It all depends on how much or little energy I have.