What do spirits gain from flings with humans

As the title says. Beyond relationships and all, what do they gain?

And btw I’m primarily talking about female spirits and human men.

Thinning of “The veil” I guess… Bring the spirit world closer to this physical life

Energy mostly, a few sexual spirits and entities always lurk around me because I have a high libido, they feed off of sexual energy. I believe actually having sex puts out more and/or better quality energy though.
Also genuine affection does play a part.


From my experience, life-force energy. They do not have the full capability that humans have to absorb and process the Sun-gate energies, so they have to get those energies from living beings. The human body generates the energies they desire the most.

Doesn’t that mean they can hurt us? And do we gain something in exchange?

Yes, they can very much cause issues of many sorts. I have communed with various spirits and arisen ones, and my exchange with them for information is my own life-force. This is strictly in exchange and I guard against any harm.

Have you experienced spirits who are unaware of the damage they can inflict?

Every spirit I have dealt with of a similar nature do not seem to care.

How often have they sought out to offer something? Like inspiration or knowledge? As opposed to just taking?

In my experience I have repelled any that are not there for exchange.