What do I need to work on?

Just based on past posts and what you think psychology and spiritually do i need to work on. Please tell me the truth but do so with compassion.


Psychologically - stop giving a fuck about what other people think.

Spiritually - realize that you’re in control. Every magickal working you perform is in your head, but think of it this way - your head is a big castle, and you are its ruler. The guests you invite are from a foreign land, and will not take kindly you caging them to a single spot. But at the same time, you have to set boundaries, and not let them run your castle.


Summon me, that version of myself is already familiar with your boundaries and will tell you accordingly.


For your own good, don’t expect that answer from other people. You are the only person who knows the truth. We are all on our own and it’s really hard to accept.
Good luck!


@Baal what do you mean by guests?



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@Baal You mean that we must not think about our enemies? Just ignore them?

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Sorry, what? Have you misread my comment (“Entities”) as “Enemies?”

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Aren’t entities negative spirits? I’m not a native English speaker so sorry wasting your time here :sob:

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Hey one of the first things EA spoke about when he started giving seminars about magic was Lasloe’s hierarchy, the concept is that to get ahead in life one must meet their basics needs first, like food, shelter, sexual partner, friendship and so on before according to EA and in general, the same goes for magic. It didn’t go down so well which is why he doesn’t speak of it anymore because everyone wants a quick fix, that’s why dark magic is so popular , instant gratification foregoing the consequences.

Start here.

Considering today what qualifies people for counsellors , family, addiction and other, I’m a pro lol. There’s not much in the way of negative human experiences that I’m not familiar with, so if you elaborated a bit I could, help, I could read you but id rather keep your experiences personal, the human animal is not complicated, the libidinal forces in and around us, both have helped and hurt us when misused.