What do I do with the offerings after evocation?

Did my first evocation to dantalion today! Now what do I do with the offerings I gave? (Water, chocolate, pistachios, and candle)

There’s a number of ways to dispose of your offerings to said deities, spirits and such.

  1. Burn your offerings.
  2. Bury them.
  3. Throw them into a river.
  4. Give your offerings to wild life.
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Hi… it depends on the item and i think if you really listen from the heart the demon will tell you what’s next… for perishable items burry or whatever way it might return back to nature… just my insight

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I offer the sensations! I find the sensational enjoyment becomes almost numb, but the spiritual enjoyment is ecstasy. But i always specifically offer the sensation, not the item itself, and always from a place of personal choice, a gift of goodwill because I can and want to. never payment. For my practice this is much less wasteful.

Please try using the search function in the upper right before asking such common questions. There are over a half dozen threads available on how to properly dispose of offerings.

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