What do I do in New Orleans

I’d like to initiate into voodoun, and I’m planning a trip to New Orleans. I’m aware I can train here, but where and what should I go to initiate into this practic? Are there temples or teachers ya’ll can recommend?

This is a tried and true method of self initiation. I followed these steps myself and my life and power have never been the same.

Step 1: Buy This. https://www.becomealivinggod.com/voodoo

Step 2: Don’t waste any money from a Vodousaint con job which New Orleans is greatly known for.

Step 3: Build the altar in the exact manner this printed text describes.
(This will begin the initiation process)

Step 4: Once you are in the current, ride that bitch and never let go of your sanity!

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Your best bet is to find an elder (easier said than done) to mentor you. Immerse yourself in the community and make connections with genuine practitioners.
Voudon is an underground practice, so you cheat yourself out of valuable info and guidance by relying on books for initiation.
I only know of one genuine elder and her name is Priestess Miriam.
Feel free to check her website and contact her

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