What do demons think of saving a human life?

The 90 year old lady ask for help I called 911.
I don’t like saving human lives I would prefer to
Let a person die.
So they can move on from this
World of pain and suffering.

The lady asked for help. I guess she did not want to move on from this world.
Not everyone thinks of this world as a place of pain and suffering, not even demons.


This :100:. There’s even black magician’s working on bring the internal here.

This realm isn’t just about pain and suffering what we is see is just what man made it to be. If someone ask for help they are not wanting to leave the world. It’s their free will to stay.

I know a lot of demons that help in saving people and healing. Get to really know demons. You will see they are not what man made them to be.


I still have a lot of trouble accepting that given how I was raised. Then again I now hold a deep distrust for both the “good” and “bad” side of the coin. Trying to break free of preconceived notions is a long and difficult process.


Oh it’s super hard I was raised catholic and then converted to Mormonism. So I even struggle now with what was drilled into me over what is truly real.


What do you mean your words are infused with dark magick? Can you elaborate on what that means and how this has come to be for you?

It really depends on the demon and the human they’re saving.

Some demons really don’t like humans and will leave them to die when they need help (or maybe even kill them themselves). Some really like humans and will help them if they ask, so long as they’re helpful. Some are indifferent. Others may only like a few humans.


This post kind of leaks of edgy teen just finding out about “dark” magick.

dark magick isn’t an energy it’s a concept, infusing words with dark magick is like saying you infuse your words with words. Unless you mean dark energy in which case dark energy isn’t inherently a “dark and gloomy” thing.

If anything it’s you programming the energy in your words and thinking it’s dark magick but it’s just your energy with programming. Like a contruct.


I’m not a teen

I said this post leaks of it, didn’t say you were one.

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Depends on the demon really.

Hotep Bruh peace, for post in general, know that demons Love human life as every life is a Portal through Which to glimpse True source. We give them life By Feeding them Energy, ask within what is right, trust your nature it knows. What Happens has Reason as does your actions. Everything is a Test to see how much you grow. Do you like people dying.? Is that what’s inside? Ask yourself and your demons this. Blessings and Peace Hotep Setekh AuSet may she be Well in my Eyes.


You tagged the wrong person.


My bad I know, not Tech Savy plus I’m planting shit dirt on my hands lmao sorry bruh much love he will Read it, I already know… @Blackmagician55 You did the right thing by trusting your Nature and calling I’d say. Or are you someone who doesn’t feel connected to Earth as a whole?
How do you know the Old Lady wasn’t an Ancient Goddess or Godform Testing you ? Maybe you passed.


Depends on how useful a gamepiece on the board the person has the potential to be.

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Well Caim helped me with helping a baby bird so to me, some Demons value all life.

Some Demons and other entities are malicious and not to be fucked with.


Agreed. And also @Dusk also correct.

I do however think a good portion of daemons/demons are more benevolent than given their due credit for. I also think some will use you dry and spit out your bones when done. Just depends on what you open yourself too and how well you take precautions.

For the most part i feel like they are individuals with individual motives and desires and will use what ever is available to meet those needs. Similar to humans and humanity. Not all are bad not all are good and some are just pure chaos.