What did this mean

I was 8 at the time in bed and i had a full length mirror about 2 meters away from the foot of my bed. a huge man shaped dark shadow with red glowing eyes walked up from nowhere and stood still facing the mirror looking straight in to the mirror reflecting on me threw him he stared into my eyes in i became completely panelized and couldn’t move or anything. he stared at me for at least 2 hours or so then moved and sat down at my bed side and a calming feeling came over me as if i knew i was safe. a minute want by then from the outside i heard something walk something huge by the noise of its footsteps it had to weigh at least 15 tons when it came up to my window i let out a loud scream the scream was as if it had many voices in one. the shadow looked away from me towards the window where the noise was coming from and the thing outside went away and a few minutes later the shadow went away as well. this all happened before i knew any of this existed so i knew it couldn’t be my imagination. And out of the two entities the shadow that protected me felt the darkest and very powerful

You’ve got a guardian. Try to contact it. I had one of those, except it was split-down-the-middle half wolf half man.

I think it meant you saw the real reality for a while, assuming you weren’t imagining it or something - the stuff that goes on around us all the time is bizarre, and everyone, even the most normal everyday person, has a range of spiritual guardians and all sorts there to look after them.

You’d wonder why sometimes, looking at the state of most people, but I’ve found it’s always true whenever I’ve done healing work or anything of that type.

No i did not imagine it, it happened there also other shit that happened other times but not as cool. yea i am trained and do know all you guys are talking about but it being having a look into the other side into the beta state makes sense. i have three guardians one is a demon but does not feel as strong as the one from that night. i have noticed there are three guys on here quite advanced and the two of you is on that list ill ask you questions in pvt or something like that but asking advanced questions in groups is like asking advanced maths to a two year old

Sorry if it sounded like I was doubting you - I wasn’t, it was a rhetorical thing like saying “assuming you’re not a rabbit” or something, to add emphasis to the real point I was making. I should type more clearly sometimes, I type like I talk and it doesn’t always translate well! :wink:

nah its cool i didnt think to much of it, was just saying. now on to a much more pressing matter. i have studied for the past 11 years every walk of the left hand path and have done quite a few things. but i need a mentor and as i am not going to find one worthy or advanced here in south africa i want to know do any of you know of one here that could mentor me. the books of E.A is a bit out of my price range including she shipping and all. they regretably do not sell any of his or any of the book on any left hand path here in South Africa so my mentor have always been the internet