What did this mean

I was 8 at the time in bed and i had a full length mirror about 2 meters away from the foot of my bed. a huge man shaped dark shadow with red glowing eyes walked up from nowhere and stood still facing the mirror looking straight in to the mirror reflecting on me threw him he stared into my eyes in i became completely panelized and couldn’t move or anything. he stared at me for at least 2 hours or so then moved and sat down at my bed side and a calming feeling came over me as if i knew i was safe. a minute want by then from the outside i heard something walk something huge by the noise of its footsteps it had to weigh at least 15 tons when it came up to my window i let out a loud scream the scream was as if it had many voices in one. the shadow looked away from me towards the window where the noise was coming from and the thing outside went away and a few minutes later the shadow went away as well. this all happened before i knew any of this existed so i knew it couldn’t be my imagination. And out of the two entities the shadow that protected me felt the darkest and very powerful.

Congratulations.you just met your True self or at least a heavy duty watermark incarnation, apparently you were Lemurian at that point of existence, and you just protected yourself from something EXTRA nasty! something so bad your former watermarks saw fit to unite to save you from it!

Take heart, looks like you have an important destiny unless you screw something up!