What did opening your third eye feel like?

I think I may have just gotten my ajna chakra to open but I’m not 100% sure. It feels like a flowing sensation, kind of like a breeze on my forehead. Is this what you guys felt when you opened yours?


My forehead kinda tingles whenever I use it or get visions. It’s soMetimes gets numb.


I see, tingles is a good way to describe it.

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It’s definitely that chakra if you are experiencing that. I feel
It whenever my third eye is “being used”.


Either way, I’m definitely going to spend the next few days meditating on it.

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Do you see through your Ajna Chakra?
The feeling is not the important effect.

I don’t think so. Actually I get a headache trying.

Yes the tingles are the truth. Lol. Also, I feel “hyper-aware” and in tune.

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My third eye has been tingling alot lately, while trying to use it or just randomly.

My ability to percieve energy has also been getting better.

The third eye is never closed, working it out for the first time i.e practicing your clairs the feeling will be different, for me it didnt feel like anything, I just progressed and my chakras improved as I did. Only time the third eye is closed is if there’s a seal or bind on it.

Difference is a seal limits the energy flow while a bind closes it completely which affects your energy body in that area.


That’s what I’ve heard to. I’m assuming it’s like working a muscle, more you do it the “stronger” it gets. If you slack off, then the muscle weakens.


How did you practice?

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Different things, internal and external scanning, learning to hear energy, see energy, feel energy, etc which all is part of scanning, learning to project and use my senses in projection.

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I have been trying to learn scanning. Good to know I’m on the right track.

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I agree with @Velenos. Similar experience.

I am experiencing the tingling sensation at my forehead and with concentrated focus its very strong but no more improvements beyond. I feel strong energy all over me which is rising from my palms mostly throughout my entire body. I want to have my third eye open to access into my desires and goals.I want to become more strong in spirituality on the path. Please guide me with your knowledge and suggestions.Thanks.

how can I clean my third eye and open it ?

It’s never closed, one route is getting into chakra work as in working out all your chakras directly starting at the root and working your way up, another way is energy work, the more you work on your clairs and energy the more your chakras develop as a product of it.


It feels tingly for me, and there’s this… I don’t know… shift that occurs. Like the bottom falls out from my “relaxed” state and now I’m really meditating.

I call it 2nd gear. 3rd gear is astral projection.