What Demons Should I Petition for my Greatest Conquest? (LAYERING)

Alright so, I’m prepping for my greatest conquest yet in terms of Magick/demon work.

STORY: I’ve been seeing this guy since September, and throughout Sept-Dec we had constant communication, morning noon and night. December hit and he had to focus a lot more on his demanding work, which is fine. We’ve communicated on and off, passionately and lovingly since then, and have plans to see each other soon. Our relationship is extremely fun, passionate and loving, we have both expressed our love for each other and I just know that we’re MEANT for each other!
Love isn’t really the issue here, its just that one big roadblock stands in our way: his live-in girlfriend of 2 years. He has expressed that he doesn’t wish to be with her, since she is a freeloader and very domineering. Verryyyyy sneaky and vicious. Thing is, it’s difficult for him to break up with her right now because he’s quite the public figure in our city (he’s a professional athlete). He just needs that extra push to do so.

So, the general steps that need to be done in this case are:

  1. Split up him and his live-in girlfriend
  2. Bring him towards me (some more love and passion wouldn’t hurt)
  3. Open up and restore communication to what it once was (constant)

Again, I’m working with love energy that’s already there. It’s just that certain aspects of our relationship need a push and rejuvenation sort of thing because he’s so god damn awful at taking initiative.

Can anyone steer me towards a few entities that can help? I’ve been seeing good things about Gremory, Belial, Asmodeus and Ophiel on the forum!

Thanks :grin:

In addition to these, don’t forget about King Paimon and Dantalion. They’re masters at mind control. Although King Paimon doesn’t really do love matters, there is much to this working apart from love.


Gremori is good for causing someone in a relationship to have feelings for you, but if as you said the feelings are already there, that is a dead end, essentially. You can cause feelings strong enough to make someone feel compelled to act on them, but ultimately it is up to that person’s strength of will regarding whether they act on that compulsion or not – no matter how tempting it is, they can still resist it. You say the feelings are already there, so ignore that side of the working for now.

Foregoing any further commentary… There’s a number of ways one could go about this. I would recommend pushing the girlfriend to break up with him. So, find a way to drive a wedge in their relationship from her side. Dantalion or perhaps Paimon to make her only able to perceive his flaws and feel contempt for him. Andras, or any other demon who can cause discord between two people/a group of people. If he is being 100% truthful and doesn’t wish to damage his own reputation, then your best bet is to focus on the girlfriend and have her leave of her own volition.

You could goodwish or bless her so that she finds someone she likes more, and leaves him. You could cause harm to a friend or family member of hers, that forces her to physically move away from him and leads to termination of their relationship. You could push for her to cause some kind of scandal so that your target must break up with her to maintain his own image.

From a practical POV I would also recommend some kind of divination, or ritual, to reveal his true intentions. Simply keeping in mind that while things can be straightforward, you may also need to forecast for potential roadblocks. For instance, he says he doesn’t want to break up with his girlfriend because it might damage his reputation. OK, let’s assume that is 100% true. So assuming she breaks up with him, will his concern with protecting his public reputation move his goalposts? For example, is he going to be resistant to jumping into a relationship with you immediately because it might cause people to question his character? Is this going to lead to heartache down the line while you wait weeks or months for him to be “ready” to go public with your relationship? Or is that another angle that you can approach from a ritual perspective? Have some kind of divination done, or cast a ritual to get him to confess his expectations/his view of how this situation will actually unfold. Right now you’re just taking him at his word that he’s helpless to do anything because he has a mean girlfriend, but his true feelings are for you only and he wants to be with you. Find out if that’s true. If it’s not, work to change it.

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Thanks so much for all this info! Divination will be done for sure to figure out where things are at. I think I know the route I need to take regarding breaking them up- it has to come from him. I know FOR CERTAIN that his girlfriend would never break up with him, seeing as how she is freeloading off of him and wouldn’t leave him- she even knows that he’s seeing me on the side. Unless, somehow her mind can be changed?
So maybe it’s best to petition a demon to A. Make them fight all the time to the point of hate for each other and B. entice him to break it off with her.

It’s a bit of a sticky situation. Thank you for your guidance!

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I suggest you elaborate a kind of plan before you proceed to do stuff.
I suggest you entice them to feel disgust or the kind of “not caring anymore about each other” thing.
Do not go for hatred or mistrust. They are weak concepts in terms of splitting couples. They eventually turn back to love. I’ve said it before to someone here and they pulled their wished results, and I’ve done it myself before so I can guarantee for that perspective to be the most efficient. (Asmodeus from what I know; or Leraje from what I’ve heard)
Next, you can do smth to make him, your lover, to desire to enact a relationship with you more, even if he said he does, make him want that more. (Sallos is your man here)
Then, simply ask him to leave her if they hadn’t already split up. And to be with you. Then proceed to human strategies.
I hope you manage to subtract him successfully. Best feeling ever imo. :blush:

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I really appreciate your response! Plan is being elaborated as we speak :smiley: Thanks so much for all the info. Asmodeus is my patron and Naamah my matron so I’m sure he will be more than happy to work with me on this. Would you mind messaging me and tell me how all this worked out for you?!

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