What demons do you work with and why?

This is probably a topic already and if so feel free to shut this one down missuer mods!

But I was curious about who you work with, what lead you to working with them, etc.

Answers can be as simple or as detailed as you like. :heart:

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Amdusias. In the Goetia he is said to be a musical director of Hell and assists musicians and teaches about nature. Being a learning guitarist and nature lover i knew he would be very helpful for me.


don’t matter what others work with which demon. Everyone have their own goals. Just make a list of desire and search out which demon can help with that. Then work with that demon.

A few months ago on 2 occasions I worked for some days with Belial. My decision was to start the 9 Gatekeepers pathworking; maybe I’ll resume that. His name is amongst the first ones I ever knew (along with Bael, Furcas, Lucifuge), also seeing a portrayal, so I have a vivid impression of him.


I was just curious.
I know it doesn’t matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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sometimes it’s personal. Also , due to timing. It must not be spoken. It’s forbidden. =o) when the spell is still in progress.

I’ve befriended some of the goetia, Oneiroi demons, some demons in the Duat, and a few other groups who dont quite have a name here. Why? because I like befriending entities the same as people here.


I didn’t say anyone had to share what they didn’t want to. Obviously if that’s the case, the individual has every right not to talk about it. I’m certainly not mugging anyone for the information. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be an odd scene though…similar to a christian holding a bible to someone’s head demanding they tell their spiritual beliefs to them. Great. There goes my imagination again. See what you’ve done? XD


May you ellaborate? I’m curious now.

Abaddon, Lucifer, Belial, Sitri, ZoZo, Chernobog and some other demons. To be honest, I never felt that I need demon’s help to grow, but they are a nice companyon, friends, lovers and… it’s good thing knowing them and bulding your relationship with them personally, much better than with most of humans).

They showed up before me, called me and of course, I won’t deny any of them. Why would I do that? We support each other and enjoy the other’s presence, pastimes together.


That’s a beautiful response, thanks so much for the heartfelt expression and genuine honesty! :heart:


Belial. Manipulating people to do what I want in the business world


Basically demons that aren’t from the infernal/goetia

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Can you reccomend any books or sources for those? I know all the popular names tend to be ones from the aforementioned Goetia, so I’m curious if there are other sources similar to that or if you just used google lol

I debated on doing that, but something about Belial gives me a “GO AWAY” vibe, so I’m pretty sure I’m not meant to work with him. x3

I can’t because I don’t really rely on occult books, I just use experiences then confirm them through SPG. I don’t like using occult books due to possible frontload. However, in the cases I do it’s only to learn about a different system.


Ah okay. That makes sense. :slight_smile:

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i work with Many,But i will say Azazel Guides me .He came to me and i have never looked back


I work primarily with Belial, but I’m always willing to work with others.


Interesting thread! I’m currently working with Mephisto, getting in touch with shadow people, help with lucid dreaming and astral travel, as well as helping me re-attune my psychic senses, aaand a petition for a familiar.

Belphegore has also given me 33 major task to complete, each compromising of 10 lesser task so I have stuff to keep me busy! :smiley:

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