What demon

Who should I summon to help with my loneliness and depression ?

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Depression is the lowest emotional vibration, it negatively reflects at the root chakra which is blocked in that state. With losing your “ground”, “roots” your emotional flow also suffers (the second, sacral chakra). Then the rest of energy centers above too…
So in your case i would simply start with techniques of chakra cleaning and opening, meditation practice and shadow work (to find the cause of depression).
Which demon? Earth element one. Belial, Astaroth, Lilith… They will give the strength and stability to your mind, ground your energies.
Than maybe Leviathan, the demon of the subconsciousness and emotions… when you feel completely ready to dive in abyss. Not before.
Leviathan’s energy is ever flowing water, calm, powerful but constantly changing and fluctuating.
In my opinion in your state of mind you would like it more after stabilizing your mind with more static earthly energies…

And don’t forget to seek professional help before everything if your condition is serious.
It’s the real challenge to begin with spiritual/energy work when your mind cannot focus at all, and can easily be tricked by not very friendly spirits who might enter the portals you are opening in such messy condition.

Wish you power! :slight_smile:


I believe King Beleth can help with that. And King Vine can get you through things. Also Dantalion and Lucifer


I am drawn to Lilith or namaah I like feminine energy more it is relaxing. I guess Lilith I will go with after your recxomendaton, it will be my first time summoning a spirit besides my succubus, should I be fearful

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Nah, They’re sweethearts. Just be respectful and sincere when you do it.

In my experience, Naamah likes chocolate and mint, Lilith likes wine and roses.